Acrylic boxes.

Boxes and cases made from acrylic.

Lots of customers like to use acrylics as part of a display or point of sale project. In these applications we find that our acrylic box manufacturing service is always popular.

Using a combination of precise machining, line bending and UV bonding it's possible to make acrylic boxes for all kinds of retail and display applications

acrylic boxes

These acrylic boxes are made from Perspex Frost in a range of colours. This project was designed to "nest" together. Each box features a removable acrylic front secured by recessed magnets.

Boxes and cases can be manufactured from;

Unlike most other acrylic suppliers you can have your acrylics precision machined into almost any kind of shape using our in-house cnc equipment suite.

Acrylic boxes and much more.

Acrylic boxes are just one of many acrylic based structures we can make for you. If you require more complex designs or perhaps a custom point of sale or display system we have the expertise you need.

Acrylic boxes are just one of many acrylic products we are capable of making for you.

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