Acrylic Panel Fixings.

A NEW range of decorative fixings for acrylic display panels and signs.

Our new range of sign supports and panel fixings give you a simple, affordable way to mount all kinds of acrylic display panels. You can also use these acrylic panel fixings as a method of creating stylish, attractive signage.

Whilst there are many suppliers offering generic products of this type our acrylic panel fixings are a step up in quality and appearance. Cheap acrylic panel fixings tend to be made from poor quality metals with fairly poor surface treatments. Our NEW acrylic panel fixings are of superior quality and are simply a better quality alternative.

sign supports for acrylic panels

As you can see from this photograph our acrylic panel fixings are delivered in a unique "blister pack". Each pack of acrylic panel fixings is supplied with a full set of fixing screws, wall plugs and locking hex key. Retail ready these blister packed panel fixings are fully protected against scratching and chipping.

Extra features

Our acrylic panel fixings now incorporate extra features. Not only does the blister packaging protect the fixings themselves the rear of the packaging now features a full set of installation instructions- if you are supplying your customers with display fixings as a commodity item this feature is very handy.

Anti tamper

The problem with cheap generic display fixings is that they have absolutely NO security features built in. If a vandal wants your sign or display all they have to do is unwind the top cap and away they go. Our NEW acrylic panel fixings have a security grub screw which locks the fixing in place, preventing removal of sign or display panels.

Panel cushioning

Generic sign supports or panel fixings simply clamp your acrylic panels between two metal components. Our fixing packs included sets of clear plastic cushioning washers. These fit either side of the acrylic panel providing a cushioning barrier between the fixing and panel. This cushioning helps to protect your acrylic panels and also helps to eliminate "panel rattle" caused by gaps between the panel and fixing.

Colours are now available as standard.

This picture shows the Green metallic finish which is one of Seven colours which are available. Satin finish and Chrome effect are also available but are not counted as part of the Seven colours. This means you have a total of Nine finishes to choose from- not including a range of Stainless Steel acrylic panel fixings.

These colours allow you to make more stylish signage and display panels. Rather than stick with Satin, Chrome and Brass effects you are now able to specify and incorporate coloured acrylic panel fixings into your acrylic panel projects.

display fixings for acrylic panels

Copper, Gunmetal, Blue

coloured display fixings

Gold, Red, Black

These acrylic panel fixings can be used for Glass too.

Most sign and display companies prefer to work with acrylic panels but this does not mean that our fixings cannot be used with glass panels. The extra features on our display fixings are much more suitable for glass panel work than the generic products offered by our rivals.

With glass panels you need to be able to secure the fixings- you don't want people playing around with the fixings. With the integral locking grub screws our panel fixings can be safely locked off after installation.

For glass panels the cushioning washers are also a critical improvement over generic fixings. These washers protect the glass surfaces and provide a barrier between metal and glass. Cushioning washers allow our fixings to grip any type of display panel more effectively.

Exterior grade stainless steel panel fixings also available.

Cheap generic panel fixings just aren't suitable for exterior work. If you do try and use a generic fixing outside you will quickly find that the decorative surface treatment starts to degrade and lift from the metal body.

If you want exterior display fixings you need proper, quality stainless steel products. We have Mirror finish and Satin finish Stainless Steel fixings available in a range of lengths and diameters.

Bespoke acrylic panel cutting available at affordable rates.

Not only do we sell acrylic panel fixings we also provide a full CNC based panel cutting service.

If you want to buy blank panels and fixings or perhaps you want a fully finished product our cutting service is the affordable way to buy precise panel shapes complete with accurately spaced mounting holes.

All these benefits and capabilities come as standard.

Download the display fixings PDF catalogue here

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Unique coloured display fixings and a full range of stainless options. You can't afford to use any other brand of display fixing.

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