Acrylic polishing.

Start with the best edge quality.

acrylic polishing servicesIn many cases you may not need secondary acrylic polishing if your supplier knows how to cut acrylic correctly.

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Because we understand acrylic and know how to machine it properly we can supply you with cut acrylic which already has a smooth, clean cut edge.

If you need acrylic work machined from clear material secondary polishing adds the final touch. Clear acrylic work can be greatly improved if you polish the cut edges.

How acrylic polishing works

There are two types of acrylic polishing machinery you can employ;

Diamond polishing

This type of acrylic polishing uses a set of fine diamond coated buffing wheels which apply a sharp, clean finish to straight cuts. The machinery is pretty expensive and limits you to straight line polishing.

Flame polishingacrylic polishing

This type of acrylic polishing use a fine, high temperature hydrogen based flame which slightly melts the cut edges of your acrylic. Once flame polishing has been carried out your cut edges magically change from an opaque to a clear finish. This type of acrylic polishing works on all shapes and sizes of cut acrylic.

Acrylic polishing is a stock service

Acrylic polishing is a standard, in-house service which is always available for any of your acrylic projects.

If you are looking for clear acrylic work, be it panels or fabricated parts or structures you will find that acrylic polishing is an essential element of a high quality finished product.


Acrylic polishing is available all the time for any of your acrylic projects.

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