Aluminium composite sign trays.

Fully finished or component products.

Aluminium composite sign trays are hugely popular. To cater for customers of all types we offer aluminium composite sign trays in whichever stage of construction you prefer.

aluminium composite sign trays

This sign trays was built for a trade customer and features fret cutting, raised Perspex letters and some stainless steel work.

Buy aluminium composite sign trays any way you want

Aluminium composite sign trays can be supplied to you as flat pack kits, semi assembled or complete with graphics, lighting and framing.

We are happy to supply your sign tray project in a way that suits you- we can even arrange installation if this is something you would like.

aluminium composite sign tray kits

This aluminium composite sign tray was supplied as a fully finished kit to a trade client. The display tray is made from simulated stainless steel aluminium composite with matched letters stood off the tray surface. Under the raised letters is a Pink Perspex lens which lets this aluminium composite sign tray illuminate with a Pink halo at night.

The back tray is also aluminium composite which we made to fit the display face. Fitted with fluorescent tubes this type of aluminium composite sign delivers a product which looks expensive whilst being very affordable.

Aluminium composite sign trays PLUS.

Whilst some sites looking for your aluminium composite sign tray business advertise a product range they cannot make themselves we provide you with a direct-to-source service.

As manufacturers of fabricated aluminium composite signs and displays you are able to source pretty much any type of product made from aluminium composite direct from us.

aluminium composite signs

A full range of aluminium composite products can be made to suit your requirements on a one off basis- you don't even need to place a minimum order or buy a minimum quantity.

Aluminium composite sign trays manufactured by us to your exacting requirements.

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