Fixings for built up lettering

Easy to install fixings for built up lettering

Your built up lettering will be pre fitted with this type of fixing system.fixings for built up lettering

This diagram shows how the fixings are mounted onto the back of your built up lettering. If you specify face illuminated built up lettering which has foam PVC backs the mounting pins will be bolted to the PVC. The fixing system is the same for both halo and face illuminated built up lettering.

This built up lettering system works on sign trays and panels too. After step 1 you simply drill holes into your sign panels and bolt the built up lettering through to the back side of the panel. The space nuts supplied with your built up lettering allows you to set a stand off distance from letter to sign panel.

Holes drilled in sign panels should be 7-8mm in diameter to accept the M6 threaded letter fixing studs.

Built up letter fixing- stage by stage diagrams.

The process for using cup and peg locator fixings is detailed below;

This diagram shows a side elevation of the mechanics of built up letter fixings.

Notes on this type of letter fixing;

It is very important that you blow out the fixing holes before injecting resin. If you do not do this the chemical resin bonds to the masonry dust not the masonry.

Tools you will require for this letter fixing system

tool list for built up lettering fixings


Letter fixings; simple fixing systems for all types of lettering.

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