All written content is ORIGINAL.

We are the unwilling Wikipedia of the sign industry.

Lots of companies want to build websites which will attract your business. Many ofgenuine content these want to sell you products like sign frames, sign trays and built up lettering along with most of other products which we offer.

The problem comes when these companies sit down to write their websites and find to their horror that they don't actually have the first idea what to say- they don't really understand the products they want to sell and they have nothing to write.

In desperation they resort to using content stripped from other companies web sites. This is a sad fact of life- ignorant companies have been caught passing off our content as their own- we think this speaks volumes about the standard of some online suppliers

Because our written content is based on expert knowledge and an innate understanding of the UK sign and display industry many "me too" companies find it irresistible to breach the Copyright and Patents Act 1988 and help themselves to our legally protected content.

Because our site has been online ever since 1997 we have a lot of rich content which is the favoured reference for lazy or plain ignorant sign companies who are simply incapable of writing their own content

Our content on other sites- how it affects you.

As an internet customer you rely on the honesty of a companies web pages. You automatically believe that the written word on a companies web pages is an accurate, honest reflection of their competency.

If the company you plan to spend money with has persuaded you to part with money based on information they obtained fraudulently then this opens up a whole new area of risk for you. If a company can't even write about the products they offer how can they actually be expect to make them?

If you really understand your own products you can easily write your own content- if you can't manage this simple task then you don't deserve to call yourself a professional sign company.

Anyone can build a professional looking website and fill it with content stripped dishonestly from other websites- it's not difficult. What is difficult is the accumulation of the many years of experience which is needed to actually make the products advertised on a site.

Content theft- easy to spot.

When you trawl through the internet it is quite easy to spot the kind of content stripping we object to;

"With aluminium composite sign materials all kinds of stylish sign designs are possible- without the need for intrusive frameworks and casing being visible."

If you see this paragraph reused on other sites it is an example of content theft- we originally created this descriptive at least 6 years ago.

This is one example but there are many others. Some sites copy verbatim chunks of our content others blend information from a number of our pages into one of their own. Either way they are using our content to sell a product they should know all about- they are after all trying to sell you their "expert" service.

Our content is legally protected.

Only Smart Group sites are legally allowed to carry our written content. If other sites use wording which you recognise from our sites be in no doubt they have acted illegally by stealing Copyright protected material to which they have no rights.

Sites which plagiarise from our content are disreputable and dishonest- don't make the mistake of buying from them

If in doubt please ask.

If you are worried about being mislead and are concerned about sites who act dishonestly please contact us- we will guide you through the evidence we have collected.

All content you read on this site is original- we do not steal content.

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