LED Spot lighting.

Utilise energy saving, long life led's in your spot lighting projects.

Led spot lighting is a natural progression of our complete led product rangeled spot lighting; if you are using led's for other aspects of your sign and display illumination work it makes sense to bring all the benefits of led lighting to spot light projects.

These benefits include;

Led lighting is the Green, environmentally friendly option. Rather than use traditional halogen spot lighting you can use an led option which delivers much lower operating costs though lower energy consumption.

Led spot lights for internal installations.

If you wish to use led spotlighting internally we have the ideal product for you; an integrated led lamp and power pack which fits into a standard Gu10 fitting.

This internal led spotlighting product allows you to re-use your existing spotlight housings; our internal led modules fit straight into Gu10 fittings.led spot light bulb

By replacing existing Gu10 lamps with these led versions you can virtually eliminate light "blow outs"; where, for no apparent reason normal halogen spot light bulbs blow for no apparent reason. This key feature allows you to fit led spotlight bulbs and pretty much forget about them; they have a life cycle measured in tens of thousands of hours.

Leds also create light without heat. Traditional spotlights create a lot of heat as a by product of generating light. This wastes a lot of energy and also creates problems with heat build up and risk of fire. Because leds do not produce this type of heat you save energy and reduce the risk of fire.

Led spot lights pay back the purchase cost quickly by providing much lower running costs and greatly increased life cycles. Cheap halogen bulbs are not so cheap if you are constantly replacing them.

Data for internal led spotlighting

led spot light data

Internal led spotlights can be supplied in all five standard colours; White, Red, Blue, Amber and Green. Multicolour RGB versions are also available.

Exterior led spotlights

Along with interior led spotlighting we also offer stylish external led spotlight assemblies.led spot lights.

Manufactured to IP68 these exterior grade led spot lamps let you effectively and affordably accomplish many exterior lighting tasks

External led spot lighting uses significantly less power than traditional halogen or halide light sources. In addition you have all the standard led benefits such as extreme life cycle, virtually zero maintenance etc.

Exterior led spotlights come as a complete ready to fit product; attractive metal housing, adjustable mounting bracket, toughened clear screen.

Exterior led data

exterior led spotlight data

Led spot lighting delivers lower running costs, higher life cycles and safe low voltages- perfect for indoor and outdoor projects.

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