Led strip lights.

Robust, compact led strip lights.

With our led strip lights you can easily replace cumbersome, fiddly fluorescent tube lighting with a neat, safe, waterproof product.

led strip lights

LED strips lights are a perfect solution for all kinds of lighting applications.

We use our LED strip lights to provide convenient, bright lighting inside all manner of menu cases, sign panels and display boards.

There are lots other ways you can use led strip lights;

How are our led strip lights built?

Our led strip lights consist of a strip of led dioides mounted onto a small circuitled strip lights closeup board. The circuit board complete with diodes is then fitted inside a crystal clear plastic casing. This casing has a nice smooth, rounded front and a smooth, flat back. Diffuser ribs are built into the outer casing to aid light spread.

As you can see from this close up picture each led strip light has a clear saddle style fixing mounted to the ends. These saddles are an integral part of the led strip light so you don't have to mount the saddles first and try to align the light casing. Four small screws is all it takes to mount your led strip light.

Connecting your led strip lights.

We recommend that connections to all our led lighting products be made via soldering. This method gives the most durable, reliable results- and joints are easy to waterproof. To join led strip lights you simply solder and sheath.

Connector links are made from standard two core lighting flex- remember all wires running aft of your transformers are a safe 12v DC.

If you prefer not to solder we can supply pre made tails and *push fit connectors for simple connection *(non waterproof)

led strip light range

There are all kinds of uses for led strip lights- a number of boating and marine customers use them as cabin lighting. Led strip lights are sold in packs of one.

Transformers are sold separately.

Led strip light colours

led strip light colours

Led strip lights are a lightweight, safe solution to all kinds of lighting. They are waterproof too.

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