Magnetic lettering,

Magnetic lettering which clings to any steel surface.

Magnetic letters are something a bit different. Made from magnetised rubber these are individual letters and shapes which cling easily to any ferrous metal surface

If you have experience of magnetic vehicle signs you will recognise the material.

Magnetic material is available in White as standard. A huge range of colours are offered by simply laminating White magnetic material with coloured vinyl films- the colour palette of these vinyls is huge

magnetic lettering

This photograph shows how you magnetic lettering can help you create more attractive signage. This example is a magnetic vehicle sign which is cut to follow the shape of the letters and the flower symbol. The colours are cut vinyl.

Neat, accurate magnetic letter shapes.

Again, using our water jet system we able to cut through the type of materials that other cutting technologies struggle with.

With our waterjet it's easy to cut your lettering into neat, accurate lettering- no matter what the size.

What can you use magnetic lettering for?

Magnetic lettering can be used for all kinds of applications- our customers find new and unusual uses for magnetic lettering all the time. Here are a few that spring to mind;

Do you need sheet metal panel to go with your magnetic lettering?

If you need a sign panel, display board or metal plates to use with your magneticmagnetic letterslettering we offer a full metal cutting service. For magnetic lettering to stick you need a board or panel made from mild steel- something we can easily do for you. We can even powder coat the bare metal and apply any permanent lines or messages in vinyl- delivering a finished back board and magnetic lettering in one operation.

Magnetic lettering is a neat little product line which has lots of not so obvious applications.


Magnetic lettering is made to suit your requirements in whatever size or style you want. All kinds of  shapes are easy to produce.

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