Painted Built up lettering manufacturers.

Painted built up lettering in any RAL or Pantone colour supplied direct from one single manufacturer. Reduce the price you pay and ensure results which fit your requirements. This is the essence of what we offer you.

Whilst other suppliers of painted built up lettering rely on outside painting contractors we do every stage of the manufacturing process ourselves. This gives greater control and keeps costs low. Most importantly we retain full control over the painting process so we can ensure you get the quality you need.

painted built up letters

Painted built up letters allow you to create dramatic 3D effects with or without illumination in any RAL or Pantone colour; including metallic and other special effect paint finishes. Add painted built up lettering with standard Brushed and Mirror finish stainless steels and you have all the built up letter and logo options you'll ever need.

Do more.

Painted built up lettering allows you to fully exploit the potential of this type of dramatic sign lettering. As well as providing standard Chrome and Brushed metal finishes you can also offer colour matching and special effects. Any type of painted built up project can be made.

painted built up lettering

Properly painted built up letters look fantastic and provide you with a universal solution; you can deliver quality built up letters in any colour or effect. Our painting service allows you to throw open your creativity safe in the knowledge that the signage and displays you design can be manufactured to a great standard and an affordable price.


Most other manufacturers of built up lettering don't carry out paint finishing in-house, they rely on outside contractors. This piles on the costs and takes the all important final paint finishing away from experienced sign and display staff. In our experience this can cause problems in terms of quality and proper paint matching.

led illuminated letters

Applying paint to display grade built up lettering and logos is something most general purpose paint shops don't have much experience with. Painted built up lettering projects are something we work on every week which means we understand what you want and the result you are looking for. Keeping the paint process in-house ensures we don't have to rely on anyone else. More importantly we avoid loading up the price you have to pay. Our painting services are far more economical than virtually any other suppliers.

Ral, Pantone & B.S.

Painted built up lettering can be finished in your choice of paint colour from the three leading colour systems; RAL, Pantone or British Standard.

painted built up letter service

With so much colour choice you can easily match to any corporate colour scheme that comes you way. Don't forget you can also ask for Metallic colours or any paint effect which takes your fancy. The whole purpose of our painted built up lettering service is to allow you the ultimate range of options.

Attention to detail.

All painted built up letters are coated using a carefully refined process which involves etching primers, high build primers, top coats and finish coats. Typically your painted built up lettering will have at least five coats of paint applied during the painting process. Simply throwing on a primer coat followed by a top coat isn't the way to get good results.

All our built up logo and lettering products are manufactured from stainless steel. Not only is stainless steel the highest quality metal used in the sign and display industries it also allows for a superior paint finish.

metallic Black painted built up lettering

This image shows natural finish stainless steel built up letters finished in a Black metallic colour. The addition of a high gloss clear lacquer gives these letters a super glossy finish.

Why have aluminium when stainless steel is the same price and far more durable? With our own water jet cutting systems we can cut stainless steel as easily as aluminium. Other suppliers who rely on routers try and steer you towards aluminium simply because it's one of the few metals they can cut with any degree of success.

Internet prices.

web priced painting

Buy painted built up lettering from us and you get great value internet prices direct from the manufacturers. Because every single process involved in the construction and finishing our your painted built up letters happens in-house you automatically get the lowest price.

We realise that in today's environment value for money has never been so important. Let us help you to complete.