Projecting sign trays.

For a different kind of projecting sign.

Projecting sign trays mounted onto custom metal brackets allows you to incorporate projecting signs into your overall sign tray project.

Sign trays for standard projecting signs.

You can use a simple, illuminated projecting sign box as the carcase of your signprojecting sign trays tray based projector.

Rather than decorate the Perspex display panels with cut or vinyl graphics we make a set of fret cut sign trays which fix over either side of the sign case completely covering both the display area and box casing

Custom sign tray projector signs


If you prefer to use a slimmer, custom design for your projecting sign trays we can build you panel sets matched with powder coated or stainless steel frames and brackets- allowing you to deliver a unique one off solution.

illuminated projecting sign

This projecting sign is a double side Matt Black composite material. The CLOTHING text is surface mounted 5mm Red Perspex. The main text is 20mm clear acrylic topped off with water jet cut Mirror stainless steel. This is an illuminated sign so the panels are fret cut with all text fitting into the openings.

To illuminate this sign we used our unique LED approach. Inside the sign are White 12v DC modules allowing a slimline, maintenance free solution.

Custom projecting signs made to order.

For larger sign trays we switch to solid 3mm aluminium sheet. The basic shape is cut using water jet with dressed corner cut outs. The sign tray blank is the press folded and the corners TIG welded.

projecting signs

This circular projecting sign is illuminated via White led modules. The main case is mild steel dressed in mirror finish stainless steel. The display faces are fret cut stainless steel spray painted and backed with Opal White acrylic. The whole unit is designed to interlock onto a set of fret cut sign tray fascia panels.

All sign trays we supply to you are manufactured using CNC for better results

Projecting sign trays and custom designs made to your specifications.

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