PVC stencils

Durable, waterproof stencils.

PVC stencils are our mid level stencil product. Unlike hardboard PVC is totally waterproof- which allows you to use this type of stencil outside. This type of stencil is more affordable than a lifetime aluminium stencil.

Plastic stencils don't warp or degrade when wet allowing you to use this product in damp conditions.

pvc stencils

PVC is a safe, durable plastic material.

This stencil range is machined from 3 or 5mm thick PVC sheet. Most stencils are suitable for production in 3mm PVC. If you need a bit more rigidity then 5mm is a low cost upgrade.

Two ways to machine these stencils.

PVC stencils can be machined with routers or by waterjet. The production method depends on the size and shape of the design you need. For finer text and small shapes we use waterjet to cut your stencils.

PVC stencils are available in sizes run up to 3m x 2m in size.

Why these stencils are different.

Nearly every other plastic stencil supplier uses a very thin material which is great for hobby or domestic buyers. We specialise in commercial grade plastic stencils and use a heavier duty range of materials.

Other types of plastic stencil are available; in fact you can have stencils made in any plastic- no matter how weird or wonderful

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