Silk effect acrylic sheet.

A selection of beautiful silk effect acrylic sheets.

Silk effect acrylic sheet give you so many more options for your acrylic based designs. Using Silk effect acrylic allows you to create effects which are different from the norm.

If your clients are not satisfied with traditional acrylic colours and finishes the Silk effect range could be just the answer you have been looking for.

Silk effect- products you can use this material for;

Silk effect acrylic sheet machines in exactly the same way as standard acrylic. This means that anything you can make out of standard acrylic can be made from Silk acrylic;

Silk effect acrylic sheets can be routed, water-jetted, line bend, formed and cemented.

Silk effect acrylic colours.

Silk effect acrylic sheets are available in the following colours;

black silk acrylic sheet sample white silk acrylic sheet sample
gold silk acrylic sheet sample gold silk acrylic sheet sample
orange silk acrylic sheet sample tortoise silk acrylic sheet sample

If you are interested in using Silk effect acrylic sheeting please contact us.

Silk effect acrylic sheet; colours and effects you cannot find in standard acrylic ranges.

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