The British Sign & Graphics Association.

We are full members of the sign industries only recognised trade body.

As an established manufacturing company with a wealth of experience in the sign and display industry it is only natural that we have made the effort required to gain acceptance as full British Sign & Graphics Association (BSGA) members.

The BSGA- a proper industry body.

The BSGA  is a proper trade body comparable with those in other professional industries.

Membership of the BSGA is not automatic- to qualify a company must first be assessed and checked in order to prove that they meet a minimum standard or competency and quality. If accepted a member company is obliged to provide a quality service based upon best practice and standards which are laid out in BSGA technical manuals.

Unlike some other associations which give out membership simply to those who pay the membership fee the BSGA is a reputable body working towards the highest standards in the UK sign and display industries.

What BSGA membership means to you the customer.

Our BSGA membership is a concrete sign of our professional competency. Membership also serves to demonstrate our commitment to the sign and display industries and shows we are serious about product quality and professional standards.

As BSGA members we are obliged to offer you product guarantees- something non members do not have to provide. In fact our product warranty system is twice the minimum duration required by the BSGA- we are confident in the quality of what we manufacture and back this with a voluntary commitment to exceed the minimum period which we could "get away with".

As BSGA members we also have access to a range of technical and regulatory documents which are simply not available to non members.

You are an internet customer.

When you buy goods and services from a web based supplier you rely entirely on the information contained within their web pages. You have no way of physically seeing who you are dealing with or what they can really offer- the only thing you have to go on is website content.

As a professional company we believe it is our responsibility to make the effort to establish our credibility and take whatever steps are needed in order to prove an honest, reliable and professional business exists behind the flashy web site pages- a professional looking site is worthless unless the real business is capable of delivering the goods.

We know of competing sites who have created a false online impression by taking and using content stripped from our websites. These are the type of businesses you need to avoid at all costs.

We believe that internet customers are sophisticated an intelligent enough to differentiate the professional service we offer from the imitation sites.

The combination of original content, genuine images, exclusive products, ISO 9001 accreditation, BSGA membership and proper warranty packages clearly marks us out as one of the best internet suppliers- a company that you can trust.

Proud members of the BSGA.

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