Special effect stainless steel.

More options for you.

Special effect stainless steels complement the standard Silver satin and mirror finishes .

These special effect stainless steels are machined in the same way as standard materials which allows you to specify special effect stainless steel as an upgrade to standard finishes.

With in-house water jet facilities available you can easily incorporate these stainless steel effects into your projects

Silver special effect stainless steel

special effect stainless steel

These Silver special effects feature a variety of textured surface finishes. You can use these finishes in their standard Silver colour or alternatively these finishes can be powder coated to any RAL colour.

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Coloured special effect stainless steel

coloured effect stainless steel

These coloured effect stainless steels are available in mirror and satin finishes. The colour finishes are similar to an anodised surface treatment.

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Textured special effect stainless steel

textured effect stainless steel

Attractive textured and coloured effect stainless steel finishes in this range allow you to create interesting and eye catching results using off the shelf material.

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Special effect stainless steel- applications

Special effect stainless steel can be used in all kinds of application;

Anything you specify in standard stainless steel can be replicated in special effect stainless steels.

Special effect stainless steel machined to suit your requirements.

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