3D chrome letters

Super shiny 3D chrome lettering

3d chrome letteringIf you are looking for a chrome finish to your 3d lettering the perfect choice is bright annealed stainless steel built-ups. Chrome plating isn’t a viable option for short runs of sign and display lettering. It’s too costly.

The perfect alternative is super shiny, Chrome effect stainless steel.

3D chrome lettering

3D chrome lettering is made from BA (bright annealed) stainless steel sheet.

letters made from chrome effect material
Letters made from chrome effect material

This type of stainless steel finish takes a raw sheet of stainless steel and by means of mechanical polishing transforms the surface into a highly reflective mirror finish just like chrome in fact.

By manufacturing 3D letters from this stock steel material we can keep your costs down whilst still delivering the look of chrome.

Flat chrome lettering

As well as manufacturing chrome effect lettering in a 3d format we can also produce all manner of flat cut lettering and logos in the same bright annealed stainless steel material.

This flat cut option is great if you need small text or are looking to achieve a chrome effect on a budget.

Simulated chrome lettering

As well a real stainless steel, chrome effect lettering we can produce your letters and logos in mirror finish aluminium composite.

Mirror aluminium composite comes in two versions: internal and external grade. We only use external grade for all letter production.

Simulated chrome lettering is lightweight and pretty durable. We would always recommend stainless steel but the choice is there if your specification stipulates mirror aluminium composite.

Manufacturers of 3D chrome letters

We manufacture all our lettering and sign products in-house which means we offer you the best prices and a proper bespoke service.

chrome acrylic letters 3d
Chrome acrylic letters 3D

All the 3D chrome letters we have looked at so far have been based on metals. If you are looking for something a little different our newly developed plastic chrome lettering and logo products might be the ideal product you have been searching for.

3d chrome logos
3D chrome logos

Manufactured in-house this product range gives you 3D chrome effects in a range of solid thicknesses. Choose from 6, 8, 10, 25, 20, 25 or 30mm thick material. If you require simple straight-sided cutting this is not a problem. For a more dramatic effect, you can specify carved or bevelled effects. This type of chrome signage is manufactured to order and is not something you will find on rival websites.

Read more about our plastic chrome lettering and logos here

3D chrome letters and logo shapes in Stainless Steel, composites and plastics.