3D lettering manufacturers

All types of 3D lettering are available, from acrylic and PVC through to stainless steel and custom paint finished. All the 3D lettering permutations you will ever need are available. Built-up and flat cut letters are all available as is a comprehensive spray finishing services specifically designed for sign and display projects.

3d lettering manufacturers3D lettering is an area of the sign and display industry which remains one of the most challenging. Whilst technology has simplified other aspects of sign and display work 3D lettering still takes skill and expertise to manufacture properly. This is why it can be hard to sort the real 3D lettering manufacturers from the resellers.

If you are looking for 3D lettering manufactured in any material, colour or finish we provide you with a no-nonsense, internet priced service.

Metal letters

3D lettering can be manufactured from almost any type of metal. Currently we offer many different types of stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. These materials can be used to create free-standing letters or logo shapes which use the thickness of the sheet material to provide the 3D effect. Another way is to construct 3D built up lettering, this method allows you to simulate the effect of very thick metal.

3d metal letteringThis is a photo of some 3D stainless steel letters manufactured in marine grade brushed finish. This is a built-up product which uses a fabricated technique to simulate a deep thickness.

For a project like this, you simply email us the design you want and we manufacture 3D lettering to match your drawing and material preference.

The same type of 3D built up lettering process has been used to create these built-up brass letters, same principle, different material.

3d brass letters
3D brass letters

3D metal letters which rely on their sheet thickness (flat cut) or simulated 3D effect (built-up) area manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. A new spray finishing service allows you to make full use of the entire RAL and Pantone colour sets.

Plastic letters

3D plastic lettering can be machined from many types of plastic. The most popular is acrylic most commonly called Perspex in the UK.

3d perspex lettering3D Perspex letters are built from sets of precisely machined parts which we form and bond together creating a dimensional effect.

Lots of people use this type of letter as it is but you can ask us to design and build in led lighting which makes the whole letter illuminate. See the bottom of the page for more information.

You can also use solid Perspex sheet in a variety of thickness and colours. This is a flat cut type product which uses the sheet material thickness to create a 3D effect.

Other plastics which require a paint finish can also be used, we paint so you can use a broader range of raw materials and access the biggest colour range.

Point of sale

We now offer a new type of pre-coloured promotional foam lettering product. Available up to 100mm thick this unique material delivers a superb 3D effect. Unlike polystyrene alternatives, this product is pre-coloured, has a smooth surface texture and won’t chip, crack or break.

3d promotional foam lettering
3D promotional foam lettering

This type of 3D promotional and point of sale lettering is something new, something different. Light, brightly coloured and soft to the touch this product is an ideal solution to lots of 3D lettering projects.

This product delivers promotional lettering which looks and feels superior to almost all of the more conventional alternatives.

MDF and wood

3d mdf letteringMDF and wooden substrates offer a wide range of sheet thicknesses which are ideal for creating inexpensive 3D lettering. The traditional drawback to this material as a dimensional letter product is the need for paint finishing.

With the addition of a professional paint finishing service, we can offer you an easy, cost-effective solution to your painting requirements. This new service makes 3D lettering manufactured from MDF and other substrates which require additional finishing a much more attractive option.

This type of 3D letter product can be used internally or as an external sign or display solution.

 3D lettering in all kinds of metals, plastics and wood-based materials, see something you need which isn’t listed? Call us free to see if we can help.