Acrylic bending

Acrylic and most other plastics bent to your requirements

Acrylics and other thermoplastics can be bent into a huge range of shapes using the appropriate machinery.

A full suite of acrylic bending equipment is available for your acrylic bending projects. Whether you require short bend lengths or bends up to 8ft (2.4m) long we have the equipment you need in-house.

acrylic bending
Acrylic bending

Acrylic bending helps you to create:

  • Machine guards
  • Display cases & boxes
  • Clear covers
  • Freestanding display structures
  • and much more.

Your acrylic bending options are all catered for by us at very competitive prices.

Acrylic bending part making and scoring

When bending acrylic for use in applications such as display covers and point of sale structures you can normally bend your acrylic without pre-machining.

For more complicated shapes or for structures requiring multiple or intersecting bends it is crucial that your acrylic parts are pre-machined into the correct shape and size. You also need bending lines scored into your flat acrylic parts this ensures that after bending you get a neat, crisp result.

If your current acrylic bending supplier does not have CNC capabilities to pre-machine your parts you won’t get the best results nor will you get the complete range of possibilities which acrylic bending could be giving you.

FACT almost every acrylic manufacturer recommends that acrylic sheet be scored to a depth of 60% of its thickness to ensure a good bend.

Acrylic bending matched to machining

Because you deal with one supplier who can draw, machine and bend your acrylics you automatically get the fullest service possible; we can even polish your finished acrylic after bending.

A range of acrylic bending machinery is available for sale. The equipment we sell is good value and works very well on acrylics and other plastics we use the same equipment in our workshops.

Acrylic bending for simple or complex projects. We bend right up to 2.4m in length.