Acrylic edge lighting

Stylish illuminated edge-lit acrylic

Acrylic edge lighting is a popular method of creating stylish illuminated acrylic signs, displays and structures.

acrylic edge lighting
Acrylic edge lighting

Acrylic edge lighting delivers an illumination effect which is more subtle and more attractive than either rear or overhead illumination.

Until now acrylic edge lighting has been a fairly expensive system to implement. Now, we can offer you a full edge lighting service which we feel is probably the best out there.

What you need to know…

The light source used is a safe, 12v LED product. This LED’s our own product which we buy direct from our manufacturing partners.

The acrylic used is a quality material which is bought in bulk to allow us to offer you the best price.

The actual process of machining the acrylic and assembling the lighting is carried out in-house by us.

All our acrylic know-how in terms of machining, forming and folding can be applied to any edge lighting project.

How acrylic edge lighting works

Acrylic edge lighting works be shining white or coloured light through a piece of clear, frosted or tinted acrylic.

This projected light is turned into a visible message or design by engraving the acrylic panel. This refracts the edge lighting creating a stunning illumination effect.

Acrylic edge lighting the full package

Our acrylic edge lighting is the right choice for you because we handle every part of the design and production in-house.

Edge light source

acrylic edge lightingSafe, low voltage LED modules are used as a light source on all our acrylic edge lighting commissions. This energy-efficient lighting lets you have a compact but very effective sign or display panel.

A range of fixed LED colours are available as is a phasing multicoloured option.

Edge light extrusion

acrylic edge lighting extrusionYou can choose to use our standard aluminium extrusion for your acrylic edge lighting projects. This metalwork houses the LED modules and supports the display panel. You can use this extrusion as a counter or desktop display. Alternatively, each extrusion can be supplied with able a suspension system.

If you want an integrated lighting approach we can design hidden light sources and built in the LED’s so a separate housing is not required.

This isn’t just a basic production service full customisation is all part of what we offer you.

The acrylic panels

Manufactured from quality cast acrylic your edge-lit panels can be engraved using our in house routing facility. Alternatively, you can buy blank kits for decoration with cut self-adhesive vinyl (we can supply vinyl too).

acrylic edge light
Acrylic edge light

The panel system you choose depends on the results you want. Everything is geared towards you and your specific requirements. Things like concealed light sources can be offered is you need them.

Shelving and plinths can be made to work perfectly with this type of lighting system. What you have depends on what you need and what designs you can create you draw the design and we make it for you.

Custom edge lighting? No problem

If you need a custom edge lighting system designed and manufactured for you we are able to help you get from a paper sketch to a finished product.

With this acrylic supply service you get direct access to:

  • edge-lit POS systems
  • edge-lit display panels
  • edge-lit shelving
  • edge-lit directional signage
  • edge-lit emergency signs.

There are a myriad of ways this lighting can be employed and we can help you explore the possibilities.

Custom as standard

As you have already seen we aim to offer you a complete service which applies this type of lighting to the widest range of products.

If you have seen pages and pages of standard, fairly boring products elsewhere this is the opportunity you have been searching for a customer service without the premium price.

Any effect is possible

From straight forward carved panels to complex 3D V carving and sculpted effects we offer a complete range of panel creation methods. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for contact us now to find out how easy it is to get just what you need at a price which is within budget.

Don’t forget, we have a price matching system in place so you can put us to theĀ  test right now simply email your existing quotes and we’ll work hard to do better.

Acrylic edge lighting, off the shelf and custom projects catered for no problem.