Acrylic fabrication

A complete acrylic fabrication service

Acrylic fabrication lets you specify a whole host of products made from quality acrylic sheet, rod and tube.

Your requirements for acrylic fabrication are first created in CAD. This allows the component parts to be machined from your choice of acrylic using a router or water jet machinery.

Once the component parts have been fabricated from acrylic we can then, bend or fold them if your design requires this. Once the fabricated parts are complete they can then be polished ready for use.

acrylic fabrication
Acrylic fabrication

This display table was fabricated in 3 and 5mm Opal acrylic. The oval shape is split into four interlocking pieces with a round top tier which locks on to the base.

As part of the fabrication process it is possible to incorporate these features during machining:

  • Rebating
  • Scoring
  • Etching & engraving
  • Folds and bends
  • Curves
  • Cutouts
  • Locking joints
  • and more.

The key to a versatile acrylic fabrication service is the ability to precision machine component parts in acrylic this is something we have covered.

With so many people offering a fabrication service you need a supplier who really understands acrylic. Our background in the sign and display industry means we have been working with this type of material day in day out for years.

An in-depth understanding of acrylic is essential before you contemplate any kind of fabrication work.

Acrylic fabrication PLUS LED lighting

As you will have seen elsewhere on our site we are specialist suppliers of all kinds of LED lighting. Because we are direct suppliers of LED’s you can incorporate lighting into you acrylic fabrications easily and affordably.

acylic fabricators
Acrylic fabricators

The same fabricated acrylic display table was specified to internally illuminate. To achieve this we fitted flexible, high light, white LED modules inside all compartments this allowed the finished table to glow with an attractive white light.

Benefit from our acrylic buying power

Because we get through so much acrylic we get the best price possible from our suppliers. We pass the savings into you via the lowest possible prices.

Acrylic fabrication is provided with the following suite of equipment:

Grand format routing

This machinery scores, carves, engraves, rebates and shapes acrylic perfectly. Using the right tooling and researched machining strategies ensures great edge cut quality.

Grand format waterjet cutting

This gives sharper, more intricate results than routing. Using cold cutting technology this system produces results similar to laser cutting without the usual limitations on size (the biggest acrylic sheets can be machined with ease).

UV bonding system

Using special UV activated adhesives this system allows for crystal clear, museum grade joining of acrylic parts.

Line bending

Machinery capable of bending 600, 1200 and 2400mm sheet lengths is available in-house.

Complex CAD & tool pathing systems

Sophisticated software allows for accurate CAD work and real-time machining simulations to speed production and eliminate mistakes.

Acrylic polishing

Flame polishing systems ensure that our customers can have the final touches applied to their projects without expense and hassle.

fabricated acrylic lettering
Fabricated acrylic lettering

Fabricated acrylic lettering is one of the most difficult products you can make from acrylic. We make this type of lettering and illuminate it too.

Put us to the test

If you have an acrylic fabrication project in mind send us the details and we will reply with an accurate price within hours.

Acrylic fabrication, from lettering to display structures we have the expertise and equipment you need.