Acrylic lettering

Your lettering machined from the best quality acrylics

Your acrylic lettering is machined from either genuine Perspex, Plexiglas or Repsol branded acrylics. All of these acrylic materials are a cast product which is important if you are looking to buy acrylic lettering.

Why you need to buy cast acrylic lettering?

Cast acrylic is the BEST quality acrylic material. Lettering made from this type of acrylic come with the manufacturers 10-year guarantee against fading something you just need to have.

acrylic lettering manufacturers
Acrylic lettering manufacturers

Another important benefit of cast acrylic lettering is that the letters and the manufacturing scraps can all be recycled.

We offer you three different brands of acrylic in order to provide the biggest choice of colours and finishes.

Lettering & logos in any size and any thickness

You choose the typeface you want and the size you need and we make the lettering you need in the best quality acrylics it really is that simple.

acrylic lettering
Acrylic lettering

With our CNC machinery line up, you can choose to have either CNC router or Water jet production. This allows you to have even the most intricate designs recreated in acrylic materials designs which are too complicated for routing can be easily cut using a waterjet.

We have big CNC machines so we can make big products. Acrylic lettering cut on our CNC router can be as tall as 1.4m. Acrylic lettering made on our waterjet can be as big as the biggest acrylic sheet 3m x 2m.

Do we give you a full range of acrylic material to choose from?

Yes, we do. As standard, you have the full range of Perspex and Plexiglas acrylic colours to choose from.

If you need to use a different brand of acrylic for your lettering then that’s no problem. We can source additional acrylic brands:

  • Setacryl
  • Repsol
  • Alutuglas

Are there any acrylics which you can’t have cut?

No, whatever brand of acrylic, whatever thickness of acrylic you need we can cut lettering from it.

Because we have both routing and water jetting available in house we can cut any material you want with great edge quality every time.

acrylic letters in Black and White
Acrylic letters in Black and White

You can use acrylic letters to create some interesting effects. This picture shows letters cut from Black & White 5mm acrylic. Layering the two colours together in contrasting patterns gives a nice effect which doesn’t cost the earth.

My current supplier gives me letters with rough edges is this normal?

No, you should not be getting any acrylic lettering which has a rough edge to it. If your current supplier is sending you acrylic lettering or logos with rough edges and tool marks they aren’t giving you the right level of quality.

Why do some suppliers send letters with rough edges on them?

Rough edges and tool marks are caused by several things. The first is blunt or incorrect tooling. If you are cutting acrylic lettering on a CNC router you need the right router bit tooling and they must be sharp. We tend to change our acrylic cutters a least once a day sometimes more. If your current supplier is trying to save a few pounds on tooling they may well be trying to force the life of their router bits this inevitably means that cutting quality drops off with the tool melting the acrylic rather than cutting cleanly.

Because we change our cutting tools frequently, sometimes using a new tool for every sheet we cut we can give you the quality you need.

Another reason for rough edge on acrylic lettering is the machine operator running at an incorrect speed. Get the speed and cutting strategy right and you should expect to see nice smooth edges with no tool marks or bits of melted acrylic stuck to it.

The last reason for poor edge quality on cut acrylic lettering is due to the type of acrylic being cut. Some of the cheaper acrylic brands and extruded materials just don’t cut very well using a CNC router. We pop these materials onto our water jet where tooling isn’t an issue. This ensures that you get good results. If your supplier doesn’t have a water jet facility then they will struggle to cut your lettering properly using these problematical materials.

We recycle our acrylic material

acrylic lettering recycledBecause we use the best quality cast acrylic to make your lettering we can recycle the manufacturing scraps.

If we used cheap extruded acrylic the scraps would have to go to landfill. By using the best materials we give you the quality you expect and also facilitate recycling. A real win-win situation.

Our acrylic lettering service is priced to compete with benchmark nationwide suppliers.