Acrylic machining

You can easily source all types of machined acrylic

Your acrylic projects can be machined via two different types of CNC technologies. Depending on the nature of your.

You are not limited in your choice of acrylic material; we supply all types of acrylic from a range of leading European manufacturers.

Acrylic machining using routers

acrylic machining with routersMachining acrylic using CNC routing technology allows you to cut, mill and shape base acrylic sheet.

If you need your acrylic machined with: rebates, score/ fold lines, inlays, 3D design components, engraved or simply cut into shapes then CNC routing is the perfect acrylic machining system.

Crisp edges com as standard

When your acrylic is machined on CNC routers we use the best quality tooling. Coupled with carefully researched and tested machining techniques we are able to machine your acrylic without excessive tool marking and zero chipping.

The key to achieving good quality results using CNC routing starts with the use of quality acrylic something we always ensure. If you try and save a few pounds buying very cheap imported acrylic you will probably find that it is impossible to achieve good results this will purely be due to the nature of the material. You can buy quality acrylic material from us at a price which will surprise you. In our view, it’s just not worth using cheap acrylic if you demand a high-quality finish.

Acrylic machining using waterjet

acrylic machining with waterjetMachining acrylic using a waterjet allows you to have much finer detail in your cut parts. With a router you are limited to a 3 or 4mm tool diameter this basically means that sharp points and small text cannot be cut.

Acrylic machined by water jet uses a stream of water less than 1mm wide which allows you to get into the small areas and around the sharp detail which a router would not.

Acrylic edges are left in a smooth, sandblasted state which many customers prefer.

Acrylic machining covered by two great CNC technologies.