Acrylic UV bonding

You can choose from a huge range of acrylic materials

Bonding acrylics with UV based adhesive is a relatively new way of bonding acrylics together.

acrylic uv bonding
Acrylic UV bonding

UV adhesives are manufactured in a range of different viscosities, from ultra-thin through to gels. As a rule of thumb the thicker the adhesive the stronger the bond.

These liquid and gel adhesives will only activate and bond when they are exposed to a large dose of focussed UV light. The hand help UV lamp allows you to activate on-demand and in specific locations. You can also part cure the adhesive allowing you to clean up the joint lines before fully curing the joints.

Why would you use acrylic UV bonding?

uv acrylic bondingAcrylic UV bonding allows you to achieve a bond which has a superior level of clarity this is very important if your joints are going to be seen. For example, acrylic display cases demand very clean, neat jointing otherwise the end result just won’t deliver the quality you are looking for.

UV acrylic bonding is generally used on clear or lightly tinted material to work successfully the UV light must penetrate through the acrylic:

  • Display cases
  • Display plinths
  • Museum-grade clear covers
  • Lecterns
  • Furniture
  • and many other applications.

Acrylic UV bonding is available on any acrylic project you may have in mind it’s a permanent in-house service available on projects of any size.

Other bonding services for acrylics

Along with UV bonding of acrylics, we can also offer more traditional acrylic bonding using liquid cements and solid welding rods.

Complete acrylic service available to you

Simply ask us to make you acrylic projects and we carry out machining, forming, bonding and polishing work with no hassle and no nasty cost surprises.

Acrylic UV bonding allows you to do more with your acrylic projects.