Aluminium composite lettering

What is aluminium composite lettering

alumnium composte lettering materialAluminium composite lettering is made from a special sandwich-style board

A plastic core is bonded with a thin aluminium skin on either side. This gives you a product which looks like metal but is as light as plastic.

Where would you use aluminium composite lettering?

Aluminium composite lettering can be used internally or externally. This composite material is totally weatherproof and gives you a very robust finish. Most buyers of aluminium composite lettering go for the metallic effects which are available. This allows you to have lettering with the look of metal, the weight of plastic and the price of significantly less than real metal.

Typically aluminium composite lettering is used for:

  • aluminium composite lettersFor individual letters mounted on shop fascias
  • Lettering on factories or offices
  • Interior lettering and panels
  • Point of sale and directional wayfinding

Aluminium composite lettering can be used anywhere you would use Perspex or real metal lettering.

Why you need to use our aluminium composite lettering service?

There are many suppliers looking for your aluminium composite work. You need to choose carefully ideally you want the best price, the highest quality and the most in-depth advice and service.

This is what we give you:

  • A high level of experience and expertise
  • Two production systems for ultimate choice and flexibility
  • A range of proven adhesives and fixing systems
  • A complete range of complementary products and services
  • A comprehensive 12 month RTB warranty
  • Price matching to ensure you get the best possible value
  • Availability of four main brands of aluminium composite plus generics

Because your lettering and logos are manufactured on the BIGGEST production machinery you can utilise the FULL sheet size PLUS you can have large sign trays and panels made with the greatest possible accuracy.

Before you think about ordering anywhere else we strongly recommend that you ask for a quote from us it costs nothing and you are not obliged to buy anything we won’t pester you either.

Does your current supplier gives you furry edges and burrs on cut aluminium composites?

Many of our customers comment on the quality and neatness of the aluminium composite lettering and logos we make for them.

It transpires that quite a few suppliers are using the wrong techniques and tooling this gives very poor quality something our internal quality control would never allow.

To get the right cutting results you need the right cutting tools and the correct machining strategies. A lot of time and effort has been put into making sure that aluminium composite we cut for our customers is always sharp, clean and very tidy. Quality matters on every project from the biggest to the smallest.

As you can see from the close-up image above all our aluminium composite lettering is cut with crisp, clean edges.

aluminium composite letter image

Working from your own CAD file or paper drawing we can machine your choice of aluminium composite into letter and logo shapes. For standard designs and simple shapes, aluminium composite lettering can easily be made using CNC router systems.

For intricate or complex designs you can switch to our water jet production system this delivers the finest possible detail and definition. The ability to water jet cut this material is something your current supplier is unlikely to be able to offer with us it’s a standard option.

aluminium composite logos
Aluminium composite logos

Manufacturers of quality aluminium composite products

If you are searching for a manufacturing partner one who can supply you with the complete range of aluminium composite sign and display products then we are all you need to know.

Our aluminium composite lettering and logo service is PRICE MATCHED you won’t find better quality or cheaper prices anywhere.