Aluminium stencils

Metal stencils for life!

Aluminium stencils are the most durable product in our stencil product range. Precision machined with water jet technology from 2mm thick aluminium this type of stencil can cope with a life time of use.

Metal stencils are great for those marking jobs which you need to carry out week in week out, year after year.

aluminium stencils
Aluminium stencils

The best stencil you can buy

Aluminium stencils are the best stencils you can buy. Made from top-quality aluminium sheet which never rusts or degrades you only need ever buy one stencil ever.

Metal stencils can be cleaned with solvent after use and any paint build-up can be quickly sanded off.

What do people use our aluminium stencils for?

This type of stencil is used for a permanent stencilling solution. If you know that you need to stencil the same design on a very regular basis an aluminium stencil will give you.

With the range of stencil materials available you can easily buy one stencil which will last you a lifetime.

picture of a metal stencil
Picture of a metal stencil

What type of paint can you use to stencil?

With this type of metal stencil, you can use any type of paint aluminium will not react with any type of spray or liquid paint. Depending on the surface you wish to stencil onto you could use car paint, line paint or masonry paint. The paint you use depends on the material you wish to stencil too.

PVC stencils are waterproof just like aluminium stencils but cost less. See the page for details.

Why is our metal stencil service the best?

You have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a supplier. We think you could make a mistake if you went elsewhere, and here is why

metal screen stencils
Metal screen stencils

our production systems are capable of cutting very, very accurate details right down to small text.

This type of detail is associated with laser cut stencils yet we use a totally different system which can handle materials that laser-based stencil suppliers just cannot touch.

As well as metal stencils we can also manufacture permanent screens and grilles in all kinds of metal including aluminium. The picture above shows a couple of examples cut from aluminium.

All our production is IN HOUSE

Lots of sites advertise this product or that. Most don’t actually make these products they simply buy them in from someone else. Guess what happens to the price, yes, you guessed it, the price you pay has two suppliers profit margins tacked on.

If you don’t want to pay more than you should you need an in-house specialist who takes raw material, cut it and sends it out to you.

FREE stencil design service

If your current supplier makes you use generic typefaces then they are doing you a disservice. There is simply no reason why you have to use “stencil effect” typefaces. You can have any design you want converted into a stencil friendly design, in fact, we do this for you for FREE.

If your stencil needs to reflect your corporate identity or needs to incorporate your logo then this can be accommodated.

Any material you can think of is available

The stencil machinery we use can cut anything so this means you can have any stencil in any material you want. If you have seen a material and like it we can use it just tell us what you want and we deliver.

If you want a price for any kind of stencil either contact us here or use our free UK helpline to get fast, free advice. Material is always kept in stock so we can turn round work as fast as possible.

Aluminium and metal stencil buying made simple and cost effective.