Brass built-up lettering and logos

A luxury look you can afford

Brass built-up lettering is manufactured in-house to meet your key requirements relating to size, return depth and typestyle. Use this built-up lettering product to create elegance and style.

built up brass lettering
Built-up brass lettering

Brass built-up lettering is a superb product which conveys an image of quality and luxury. Manufactured from high-quality Brass plate our built-up lettering and logo products are designed to give you years of hassle-free service.

Direct from the manufacturer

When you are searching for a supplier of brass built-up letters you need to make sure you deal direct with the manufacturers.

brass built up letters
Brass built-up letters

As specialist manufacturers, we deliver customer Brass built-up lettering products at the kind of trade price you expect. If you are selling on to your own clients then you simply cannot afford to pay more than you need to. 

Internet prices

Brass built-up lettering is available at the same, low internet prices which you expect from our other built-up letter products; Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Perspex etc. If you buy Brass built-up lettering straight from a specialist internet manufacturer you get all the benefits without paying more than you should. 

All your metal sign projects are manufactured using the latest abrasive water jet technology. This way of cutting brass and other metals gives you the accuracy of laser cutting without the heat build-up or gauge limitations. We can cut Brass and other metals in a far wider range of thicknesses. Materials which lasers will warp we can cut. Metals which are just too thick for laser cutters to handle we cut with ease.

Led illumination available

Brass built-up lettering can be transformed into stunning illuminated signage and displays. Using safe, low voltage led lighting drawn from our extensive range of exclusive led products we can help you achieve halo and full-face illuminated designs for any type of built-up Brass lettering and logos.

If you want rim and return or halo illuminated Brass built up’s we have the led products you need at prices which reflect the fact that we use our own range of led lighting products.

Other options

As well as built-up Brass lettering and logo products you can also buy a complete range of Brass sign and display products from us.

brass and stainless steel built up lettersFlat cut Brass lettering and logo shapes are a simple manufacturing range available at the most competitive prices on the net.

If you require custom cut Brass display panels or screens these are also standard options. Supply us with a CAD drawing and we will manufacture your Brass panels quickly and cost-effectively.

Engraved Brass plaques and shapes are another of our in-house product ranges. Manufactured from special engraving Brass your plaques and panels can be infilled with a variety of colours.

Brass display fixings complete the range of standard products we offer. If you need any other type of Brass sign or display product all you need to do is fax or email details of what you need and we’ll work out a manufacturing plan and a price.

Don’t pay more

Brass built-up lettering made with attention to detail and backed with a proper guarantee.