Brass lettering direct from the manufacturers

Any style, any size

Why settles for off the shelf brass lettering when you can just as easily buy brass letters, numbers, panels and logo shapes made just how you want them.

brass lettering image
Brass lettering image

The brass lettering service we offer you is designed to give you what you need at a price which makes sense. A huge number of people are using the internet to source better products at a better price this applies to brass lettering and signage.

Custom made to suit you

brass letter number sixIf you have looked for brass lettering in a specific type style or in a dedicated size you might have found that standard, off the shelf brass lettering products, don’t give you the choice you need.

This is where our custom brass lettering service provides you with a solution. All our brass letters are made to order in the specific style and size you want. There is NO standard typeface list to choose from we make whatever typestyle you want.

We can make your brass lettering in a range of thicknesses gauges depending on your specific needs.

As a general rule brass lettering, like all lettering increases in price as the thickness, rises for example super thick brass letters are made from a lot of raw material so the cost reflects this.

Our systems can cut any kind of brass sheet. If you have a specific type of brass in mind we should be able to use it for your lettering. You can also send us your own piece of brass sheet for cutting.

Drilled and countersunk letters available

pre drilled brass letteringThe sophisticated machinery we use can place holes just where you need them. Once these holes are cut it’s a simple task to countersink them ready for use. Accurate, computer drawn drilling templates can be supplied too.

This type of lettering can be used with our hidden cup and peg letter fixings. These eliminate the need to fix through the letters.

3D work

Custom brass letters are just one of the many options you have. We can also supply any type of logo in the same material. It is even possible to make built up, 3D effect letters out of this material.

3d brass letters
3D brass letters

The stainless steel built up lettering page shows you the same concept in Silver finished stainless.

We now offer an in house lacquering service which protects and reduces the need for frequent cleaning.

All metals available

Brass lettering is just one of the many different metal-based products we offer. Unlike nearly all other brass lettering suppliers we actually make everything on the premises.

intricate brass lettering example
Intricate brass lettering example

These intricate letters are manufactured from 6mm thick brass at just under 25mm character heights. This detailed production is a great example of what we do. Laser cutting can’t get close to this detail and small size with our water-based service you really do get so much more.

There is a big difference between simply advertising and actually doing. If you deal with us you know we source the material and cut it for you. This allows you direct control over what is produced and obviously our prices are better than those you will get from suppliers who have to buy in lettering.

In terms of the metals, you can have the choice is really limited by how much you want to spend our systems can cope with just about any metal sheeting available in the country.

We don’t just cut custom brass letters you can have any shape you want cut out of brass without the hassle and cost that comes from dealing with a supplier, not a manufacturer.