Built-up lettering back trays

Precision matched LED back trays for built-up lettering and logos

For all built-up lettering products, we provide additional lighting services. If you need to halo or face illuminate your built-up lettering we can design and manufacture back trays for all logos and letters.

built up lettering back tray
Built-up lettering back tray

This built-up lettering back tray is designed to fit a capital letter L. Made from 10mm thick foam PVC this letter back has White LED modules pre-mounted and pre-wired.

If you prefer a back tray solutions which utilises clear acrylic instead of PVC this is also an option. If you have a specific design or specification in mind just tell us the details and we’ll manufacture exactly what you need.

A better standard

Back trays for LED illuminated built-up lettering can vary hugely in terms of performance and quality. Some suppliers provide you with well made back trays which have been designed and assembled with care and attention to detail. Other suppliers are happy to supply you with something else.

Some suppliers are happy to stick unsealed, non waterproof LED modules straight onto a metal lettering surface. No permanent fixings are been used to secure the lighting, and the use of gaffer tape is hardly a professional standard.

If you compare this approach to our independent back trays you’ll immediately notice that our solutions are made to a far higher standard. We use fully sealed waterproof LED modules. These modules are designed to work underwater so they deliver a superior result. In the above photograph, the LED’s used are just simple interior products which simply aren’t weatherproof.

Penetrating damp is the number one cause of LED lighting failure. Our back tray solutions are designed to eliminate this eventuality.

Back trays for logos

Back trays can be manufactured for logos as well as letters. For larger sizes, we switch to more robust 20mm thick foam PVC.

back trays fitted with ledsBack trays can be designed and built to suit either face illumination or halo illumination.

If you plan to use a Perspex lens to generate a specific colour these lenses can be incorporated into the back tray design.

As you can see from this photograph we don’t skimp on the number of LED’s used in your back trays.

We prefer to use generous amounts of LED’s on all our back tray products. Not only does this give you a better, brighter level of illumination it also helps to prevent shadowing and dark spotting.

Because we use our own range of LED’s we can afford to be generous and we can ensure you get a better lighting effect.

No screens

Built-up lettering back trays can be fitted with any of our standard LED module colours. As well as fixed colours you can use colour changing LEDs if your specification calls for something a bit different.

We use fully IP rated waterproof products which means you don’t need the added expense of acrylic screens or supplementary waterproofing.

built up lettering back tray colours
Built-up lettering back tray colours

Built-up lettering back trays are available as integrated components allowing you to do more with your built-up projects.