Built-up Perspex lettering and sign trays

Source built-up Perspex letters pre-mounted to custom sign trays

Built-up Perspex lettering pre-mounted onto matched sign trays is another of our built-up lettering options. This type of lettering plus tray sign is ideal if you want a finished product which is ready to install “out of the box”.

built up lettering with sign trays
Built-up lettering with sign trays

This Built-up Perspex lettering with sign tray product utilises blue aluminium composite sign trays fitted with 100mm deep Opal built-up lettering. The built up lettering is illuminated by means of led back trays.

Built-up Perspex lettering with sign trays independently lit

The “Cinemastore” sign tray shown above is a good example of independently lit Built-up Perspex lettering mounted onto sign trays. For this project we needed to illuminate each of the letters. At 100mm deep these Perspex built-up letters were a little too deep to employ shared lighting.

To achieve independent lighting each built-up letter was fitted with an LED back tray. Made from 10mm thick foam PVC the back trays held the white LED modules which delivered the illumination.

For this type of project, we use a master design file which allows us to CNC machine mounting holes into letter backs and sign trays. This system ensures that your built-up lettering fits easily onto your sign trays without loss of alignment.

Built-up Perspex lettering with sign trays shared light

Built-up Perspex lettering with sign trays can be designed to share the light. This means that instead of the illumination being in the back of the built-up lettering the light sources are mounted behind the sign trays.

This method allows you to use built-up lettering and fret cut lettering within your sign tray design.

sign tray with built up perspex lettering
Sign tray with built-up perspex lettering

In this example we have 50mm deep Opal built-up lettering which is mounted over cut-outs in the sign tray. The red text underneath the built-up lettering is fret cut into the sign trays and backed with red Perspex. When illuminated the light source behind the sign trays illuminates the built-up lettering and the fret cut text.

Frames and back trays

In addition to the manufacture of built-up lettering mounted on sign trays we can also provide you with matched mounting frames and illuminated back trays.

All illuminated back trays are manufactured with techniques developed in-house. Rather than mount your sign trays over a light box our matched back trays offer you a lighter, more cost effective option.

Note: support frames and back trays are not provided as standard. If you require these items please let us know at the point of enquiry.

Sign trays materials and colours

Most sign trays are built from pre-coloured aluminium composite sheet. Machined via our CNC routing equipment all aluminium composite sign trays are built for a precision fit. There are many standard, off the shelf colours available:

aluminium composite sign tray colours
Aluminium composite sign tray colours

Solid aluminium sign trays

These can be machined from 2 or 3mm aluminium sheet. Corners and fret cut lettering are cut using waterjet systems.

Paint colours are available to any RAL colour and you can choose from wet spray or powder coat finishing.

Built-up Perspex lettering mounted to matched sign trays. You can easily source a “box ready” sign solution.