Built-up Perspex lettering

Illuminated and non-illuminated 3D Perspex lettering

Built-up Perspex lettering can be made in a range of styles and colours. You can use built-up Perspex lettering for:

  • Exterior sign work
  • Interior display products
  • Exhibitions
  • Point of sale applications.

With built-up Perspex lettering you can use the complete range of acrylic colours to create attractive results:

built up perspex lettering
Built-up perspex lettering
  • Gloss colours
  • Matt finishes
  • Frosted colours
  • Fluorescent colours
  • Glass effects
  • Speciality acrylic finishes.

Click here for more information on our speciality acrylic ranges.

Built-up Perspex lettering construction

Built up Perspex lettering is made from two basic components:

Face letter

built up perspex lettersThis is a basic flat cut letter with a lip machined on the rear of the display side. The lip allows the sidewall to fit into the display lettering leaving a smooth, flush surface finish. We use 5 mm thick Perspex for your letter fronts to give a stronger finished product.

All face letters are precision machined on CNC routing equipment.


The sides of your built-up Perspex lettering are made from 3 mm thick Perspex. Each side wall starts out as a flat strip of Perspex. We machine in scored bend points which tally with the perimeter shapes of the face letters.

Once the sidewall lengths are machined they are then bent and formed to create an accurate letter outline shapes.


You can choose to have sidewalls and letters made from the same colour Perspex or you can specify contrasting colours, the choice is yours.

Built-up Perspex lettering bonding

With the face letters and formed sidewalls made we now clamp the two parts together and cement them using approved Perspex or Plexiglas adhesives.

3d perspex letteringWhen dry the cement forms a clear joint which will not affect the illumination values of your built-up Perspex lettering construction.

Illuminated built-up Perspex lettering

Should you require illuminated built-up Perspex letters we have our own range of LED products to choose from. Matched back trays fabricated from 10 or 20 mm thick White PVC are made, fitted with LED modules and fitted to the back of each built-up letter.

All you need to do is fit the finished built lettering using the pre-installed fixings and the supplied templates.

perspex material data
Perspex material data

Built-up Perspex lettering made to suit your project requirements. Full illumination service available.