Built-up stainless steel logos

Built-up stainless steel logos to compliment your lettering

As well as manufacturing all your stainless steel built-up lettering you can also source built-up stainless steel logos from us.

built ups stainless steel logosBuilt-up stainless steel logos can be made in any shape or size, designed to blend in with you overall built-up scheme.

You may choose from polished or brushed stainless effects. For coloured logos we recommend natural finish stainless which can then be spray painted to any RAL or Pantone colour.

A professional spray finishing services is now available from the Smart Group. This delivers great quality painting at really affordable prices.

Built-up stainless steel logos halo-lit

If you have specified halo-lit stainless steel lettering we can make your built-up stainless steel logos with rear-facing led modules inside.

This matches your halo lighting requirement across every part of your project. Built-up stainless steel logos can be fitted with led modules which match the colour of your lettering. If you would prefer a contrasting light colour you can choose from any of our five standards LED colours, you can even have colour zones. Colour zoned built up stainless steel logos are fitted with different coloured LEDs in specific sections. No matter what halo colour you choose the wiring is still a simple, safe 12v DC.

built up stainless steel plane logo
Built-up stainless steel plane logo

This example shows you a stainless steel plane fitted with blue LED lighting. Taking a copy of the client logo we fabricated a built-up logo which matched exactly. Details such as coloured markings and acrylic windows were added to that extra touch.

halo illuminated stainless steel built up logo
Halo illuminated stainless steel built-up logo

This night time picture gives you a better idea of the crisp halo lighting effect generated by this logo sign.

Built-up stainless steel logos face lit

Manufactured in the same way as face lit stainless steel lettering this type of built-up stainless steel logos uses a colourer Perspex face as an illumination source.

LED modules are mounted inside the logo casing. Front facing, these LED modules shine through the Perspex creating a bold, colourful result.

Built-up stainless steel logos built in this way can make use of the Perspex range of colours; you aren’t limited to the five standard led module colours.

Built-up stainless steel logos can be built with opaque Opal Perspex faces ready for you to apply cut vinyl graphics or digitally printed graphics.

Built-up stainless steel logos pictorials

Built-up stainless steel logos don’t just have to be simple, boxy logo. We are able to manufacture some really complex shapes. These shapes would probably be better described as pictorials.

built up stainless steel logo
Built-up stainless steel logo

Built-up stainless steel logos metal effects

Built-up stainless steel logos are available in chrome and brushed silver stainless steel.

Any RAL paint colour can be supplied using powder coating or wet spray paint techniques.

Built-up stainless steel logos made to match your designs. Full illumination service available as standard.