Coloured foam lettering

A new addition to our range, coloured foam lettering uses a special type of pre-coloured foam material which creates a lightweight, ready to use solution.

Similar in weight to conventional polystyrene our coloured foam lettering is more durable and requires no painting or protective coatings. This allows you to source pre-coloured lettering and signage in thicknesses up to 100mm.

coloured foam lettering
Coloured foam lettering

As you can see from this picture coloured foam lettering delivers a neat effect and sharp detailing. Because the material is manufactured with the colouration as an integral component there is no need to paint and there are therefore no limitations to the shapes and letter sizes you can have.


Coloured foam lettering is the ideal alternative to all forms of polystyrene promotional or point of sale signage. Our material is soft to the touch and cannot be snapped or chipped as easily as polystyrene.

coloured foam letterBecause coloured foam is just that, a pre-coloured foam, you can avoid the hassle and cost of having to paint polystyrene this product is simply cut and sent to you for immediate use.

From a purely visual point of view coloured foam looks so much better than polystyrene. A smoother, soft feel texture gives a far neater finish which can’t be chipped off. Coloured foam is widely used by retailers and anyone looking for a lightweight lettering product which combines rich colours with chunky, deep thicknesses.


Coloured foam is available in a range of attractive colours. Sheet thicknesses vary from 25mm right up to 100mm. All colours and thicknesses are the same lightweight, soft feel material. You can have letters, logos and shapes cut from any colour or thickness to the designs or CAD files you supply.

coloured foam colours
Coloured foam colours

This is a small selection of the colours available in this material.

Using this product

Coloured foam lettering can be used as a free-standing display item. You can mount individual letters onto a wall or other vertical surfaces, the lightweight, flexible nature of this material means it doesn’t break if you drop it. If your lettering ever falls off it’s soft enough to absorb impact and simply bounces to a rest. This builds flexibility also means coloured foam is perfect for retail and public spaces, it’s virtually impossible for coloured foam to cause damage to anyone or anything.

This is a piece of coloured foam, by folding we hope you are able to see what we mean by the built-in flexibility this material gives you. As the material gets thicker your lettering will become progressively denser but the flexibility and give of the material is retained. At 100mm thick coloured foam letters have the same density as high-density polystyrene but still retain the ability to absorb knocks and bumps.

If you want to hang your lettering from ceilings this is not a problem. Given the weight and soft touch of this material overhead use is a really safe option, in the unlikely event your soft foam signage hasn’t be secured properly it won’t break on impact and won’t injure anyone who might be standing underneath.

Why isn’t this product more widespread?

This coloured foam material is a quality product which delivers a super alternative to conventional polystyrene. To accurately cut this material you need specialist equipment, the type of equipment most sign and display suppliers simply don’t have access to. Unlike polystyrene, our coloured foam material cannot be cut using hotwire machinery. Because coloured foam is a specialised material which required specialist machinery most other suppliers simply can’t handle this material.

If you have been using polystyrene lettering and are looking for a better solution why not ask for a free sample, this coloured foam product really needs to be seen and handled to fully appreciate just how much of an advantage it will give you.

coloured soft touch foam lettering
Coloured soft touch foam lettering

Coloured foam lettering. Pre coloured, soft feel and far superior to polystyrene.