Coloured sign trays

Pre coloured aluminium composite sign trays

Aluminium composite sign trays are indistinguishable from their solid aluminium counterparts but offer you the ability to skip the expense of paint finishing.

For affordable coloured sign trays, aluminium composite is the best solution as the base material is finished with a factory-applied colour coating. You also have the option of a satin or full gloss display face.

coloured sign trays
Coloured sign trays

This coloured sign tray is made from standard sunflower yellow composite material using the full gloss finish as the display side. The text is all blue Perspex on cup and peg locators.

Sign trays how we make them

All sign trays are precision machined on our suite of cnc machinery. This ensures that your sign tray is accurate and fits neatly over the supporting frame or existing light box.

sign tray colours
Sign tray colours

This is part of a large coloured sign tray system. The red and blue panels are made from standard aluminium composites. The raised yellow text is also a standard composite colour.

Custom coloured sign trays your options

If you want a custom coloured sign tray system you have a range of options available:

Vinyl facing

This method entails facing flat sheets of composite with coloured vinyl prior to tray manufacture.

Wet spraying

Your sign tray is built from white composite which is then spray painted to match the RAL colour you specify.

Powder coating

This finishing method is only suitable for solid aluminium sign trays. Due to the heat generated during the powder coating process the core of aluminium composite material is liable to melt if powder coated.

A wide range of standard sign tray colours are available

Aluminium composite is available in the following stock colours:

aluminium composite sign tray colours
Aluminium composite sign tray colours

All sign trays we supply to you are manufactured using CNC for better results

Standard and custom coloured sign trays.