Coloured troughlights

Cost-effective colour coding service available

Our standard trough light colours are black or white. When you are quoted a price for your trough light you will be able to choose from either of these colours with no effect on the price. All brackets are matched to the colour of the main trough light extrusion.

If you want another colour a red trough light for example we can offer you a fast, cost-effective colour coding service.

Why colour code your troughlighting?

red coloured trough lightFor many customers, the standard black and white options are just fine. If, however, you have a corporate colour scheme in place or perhaps you want your trough lighting to blend in with the colour of your signs or your building then colour coding is a cost-effective way of adding that extra touch.

Colour coded trough lights look very effective and can dramatically improve the visual effect of the light installation.

How are your trough lights coloured?

We use powder coating to apply a coloured finish to all our trough lights. The standard Black and white options are powder coated. Any custom colour will be applied using matched powder.

Why use powder coating?

Powder coating is an effective, fast way of applying an even coat of colour. For some very specialised colours we might wet spray your trough light system but in most cases, powder coating will be used.

What colours can you have?

The answer is almost any. For trough light colour coding we use the RAL colour matching system. This system is the defacto standard for industry so sourcing powders and paints using the RAL system is straight forward.

coloured troughlightsIf you would like to get hold of your own RAL colour swatch we have them available for a discounted rate of just £12.00 +vat. A RAL swatch is an invaluable resource for the sign maker, architect or general contractor.

Can we match to Pantone colours?

We prefer to use the RAL system. Pantone colours are specific to the printing industry where it is easy to mix CMYK colours to get the appropriate colour. Manufacturers of paint and powder coat powders all use the RAL system to matching to Pantones is not a practical option.

RAL colours cover a large pallet and in most cases, a close match to Pantone’s should be possible.

Can you use your trough light in raw aluminium?

Whilst aluminium is a non-ferrous metal i.e. it does not rust, it is affected by weathering. Raw aluminium is referred to as being in mill finish this is how the trough light extrusion comes from the extruders. Mill finish aluminium will oxidise leaving a Black deposit on the surface metal. Over time mill finish aluminium will start to chalk leaving a white, flaky finish to the metal.

Any paint finish or protective coating which is applied to aluminium requires an etch primer for this reason lacquering the mill finish isn’t possible. If you need a Silver colour to your trough light the best option is to powder coat using an appropriate RAL colour.

Whatever your requirements our trough lighting is the affordable quality solution.