Copper lettering

You can buy copper lettering in any thickness you like. Unlike standard sign suppliers who only offer you simulated copper letters we also offer you the real thing. Using the best quality copper sheet in any thickness we can manufacture precise lettering, logos and shapes to any design.

copper lettering
Copper lettering

Copper lettering is widely used on upmarket architectural sign projects where real metal is specified. This type of sign and display lettering allows you to create something a little different from the norm.

Copper lettering is available in any style, shape or size. Working directly from the information or CAD file you supply we manufacture every copper lettering project as a bespoke item so there are no real limits on what you can have.

real copper lettersWith the right kind of metal cutting machinery available on an in house basis, you can get hold of real copper lettering for a lot less than you might think. Unlike laser cutting suppliers our water-based technology handles a broader range of materials and a much wider spread of sheet thicknesses.

3D too

As well as standard flat cut copper lettering and logos we can also manufacture 3D built up copper letters.

built up copper letteringManufactured using precise waterjet cutting technology our 3D copper lettering is manufactured to order using your own CAD drawings as a template.

This pound sign is made from real copper and gives a simulated depth effect of 50mm.

This type of 3D copper lettering is something we manufacture on a regular basis.

A lacquering service is available for copper and brass projects. This tough clear coating protects the metal surfaces and reduces the need for cleaning. If lacquered copper lettering and logo shapes will retain a shiny finish without acquiring a weathered effect.

copper display lettering
Copper display lettering

These are 1mm thick copper letters mounted onto a distressed wooden mount. Used for upmarket brand promotion this type of display is an ideal use for real copper.

All other metals available

Copper lettering is just one of the real metals available to you. Any metal you can think of can be cut into accurate lettering and logo shapes using our advanced water jet cutting systems.

Deal direct with a manufacturer like us and all your copper and real metal lettering projects suddenly become affordable.

Copper lettering, logos and shapes all cut with high tech water jet technology.