Cup and peg locators

The easy way to mount lettering

The most popular mounting system for our flat cut lettering is the cup and peg locator system.

Cup and peg locators allow individual letters to be mounted in a neat fashion, with the fixings hidden behind the letter fronts. With cup and peg locators there is no visible effect to the display face of your lettering or logos.

Cup and peg locators are available in three sizes:

  • cup and peg locatorsSmall
  • Medium
  • Large

The simple rule of thumb is that locator sizes need to be matched to letter heights i.e. large letter heights need large locators.

The cup part of cup and peg locators

These are slightly flexible opaque white plastic cups. They fix to the wall by screwing through the cup via the hole in the base of the cup.

The cups are designed to grip the pegs tightly ensuring a snug, secure fit. The connection between cup and peg is a simple push-fit so your job is made very easy.

To get the cups in the right places you need a lettering template. These are supplied free of charge will all our lettering products suitable for use with cup and peg locators.

The peg part of cup and peg locators

This is an acrylic stud with a round base at one end and a pointed nipple at the other.

Cup & peg fixing diagrams
Cup & peg fixing diagrams

The round base is bonded to the back of your lettering with the nipple facing upwards. When you lay your lettering onto the lettering template the points on the nipples allow you to push down onto the template leaving a clear imprint of where each peg is located relative to the letter. These imprints form your drill marks.

Bringing the two parts of the cup and peg locators together

Once you have fitted your cups using the lettering template you will be left with lines of cups screwed to the mounting surface which are position matched to the pegs on the back of each letter.

To make a connection between the lettering and the cups you simply lift each letter into place and push the pegs on the back into the cups it’s that easy. You will know when the pegs are fully locked into the cups by the light snapping sound made when the pegs are pushed fully in.

Cup and peg locators points you need to know

Removing letters

You can remove letters mounted on cup and peg locators. The correct method for removal is to gently leaver the letters of the cups from behind. Do not just grab the letter and pull you will either break the letter, damage the cup or pull the cup through the head of the mounting screws

Fitting Perspex letters with cup and peg locators

Perspex lettering does not like to be twisted. You need to carefully apply even pressure across all cup and peg fixings on each letter. Do not push one side of the letter fully in you may snap the letter when you try to push home the other side.

Accurate drilling is essential

You need to eliminate or minimise drill bit “skidding” when fixing cups to masonry. If you don’t get the cups within a couple of millimetres of the position dictated by the template you will experience alignment problems when mounting the letters.

Other applications for cup an peg locators

Cup and peg locators are perfect for sign lettering. They can also be used as a hidden fixing system for other items:

  • Panels
  • Sign boards
  • Wall boards
  • Decorative panels.

Cup and peg locators are designed with a standoff distance. They cannot readily be used for flush mounting.

Note: Perspex panels mounted in direct sunlight may warp in between fixings.

For larger panels or jumbo-sized lettering you must spread the load over plenty of fixings. If you buy loose cup and peg locators it is your responsibility to ensure you use sufficient fixings to ensure a safe installation.

Cup and peg locators are available in 3 sizes. Lettering we supply can be pre-fitted with this fixing system. We also supply this fixing system as a loose component.