Flexible LED strips

Use flexible LED strips to get even lighting

Our flexible LED strips are a fast, easy way to build LED lighting into back trays and panels.

Supplied in generous 300mm lengths flexible LED strips are quick to mount and easy to connect.

flexible led strips
Flexible LED strips

Flexible LED strips the benefits

Flexible LED strips give you a number of benefits over our block style LED modules. If you do not need a waterproof IP rating then flexible LED strips are the fastest, most cost-effective means of back and another lighting.

flexible led strip closeupFrom this close up photograph of our flexible LED strips you can see the generous diode size as well as the simple push fit connector assemblies which are pre wired into each strip.

Good lengths

Flexible LED strips are manufactured in 300mm lengths. This lets you cover big areas quickly.

Easy to connect

Flexible LED strips are simple to link up. Using a simple push-fit connector you can use the pre-wired link cables to quickly hook up individual LED strips.


Flexible LED strips bend and flow around corners and curves which makes lighting intricate shapes very easy.

Secure fixing

Flexible LED strips are fixed onto your back panels or boards using clip-on plastic base plates. These plates can be clipped onto the LED strip in a number of positions and allow you to either screw fix or glue your LED strips into place.

Length adjustable

Each flexible LED strip is designed to be “snapped” into sections. This allows you to adjust strip lengths to suit the shape of your installation. With three power connections per strips most pieces snapped off can be reused elsewhere in your installation.

Super bright light

Flexible LED strips give a very bright, crisp lighting effect. This allows you to use fewer LED’s without compromising on the finished effect.

Connecting your flexible LED strips to power

Connecting flexible LED strips to the 12v DC power supplied is very easy. Simply remove one connector from one end of a link cable and solder in a tail of standard two core lighting flex.

If you prefer not to solder we supply pre-made tail connectors to any length.

Colours available

Flexible LED strips are available in five colours:

flexible led strips colour
Flexible LED strips colour

Flexible LED strips are available in boxes of 40. Each box comes with a pack of mounting plates and connector strips. If you want smaller quantities we are happy to split boxes.

Transformers are sold seperatley.

Flexible LED strips allow you to light your sign and display projects effectively and on budget.