Glitter letters

Lettering and logos finished in high sparkle glitter

Glitter lettering and logos are available in almost any shape, size and colour. Using our extensive CNC capabilities it is possible to machine letters in flat and 3D formats.

glitter lettersGlitter lettering a logos add impact and “punch” to any promotion.

If you are shopping for this type of glitter lettering you need to ensure that your supplier uses the best materials and the highest quality glitter finishes.

Your glitter letters can be supplied with designed in fixings for wall mounting. Alternatively you can ask us to incorporate hanging fixings or freestanding mountings.

All our glitter lettering and logo products are based around modern, higher-quality alternatives to the cheap and nasty polystyrene everyone else offers.

glitter lettering products
Glitter lettering products

This picture shows you glitter letters which have been machined with a 3D effect before being coated with the glitter finish. This type of 3D finishing is why we prefer not to base our product on polystyrene, we can carve and shape your letters because we use a different base material.

How we make your glitter lettering and logos

Using the design you supply or specify the characters or logo elements you need are machined from our unique sign foam product. This rigid, high-density material is easily shaped and holds detail very well.

Your designs are made using CNC routers if you require sculpted or layered designs. For fine detail or thin letters, we can switch to water jet cutting for the best results.

High sparkle glitter coating

To give you the best possible glitter effect we use highly reflective loose glitter which we source from American manufacturers, suppliers who operate in markets where litter effect lettering and logos are widely used. Taking your letter or logo blanks we coat each one with high-performance adhesive and then coat in your choice of glitter.

glitter logos
Glitter logos

The glitter coating we use is a high grade, commercial product specifically designed for sign and display work. Normal craft glitters give an inferior result.

Fire retardant pre-treatment available

If you plan on using your glitter effect lettering and logos in public spaces such as pubs or clubs you may need to opt for our fire retardant pre-treatment. This retards the base sign foam material to a high level.

Wall mounted, free standing or hanging glitter products

Your glitter effect lettering, logos and panels can be designed for easy mounting on walls or from ceilings. You can also ask for freestanding options. We will design in your preferred mounting option from the start.

glitter logos
Glitter logos

Glitter effect letters, logos and panels in both flat and 3D forms.