Gold stainless steelĀ  lettering

Create a different look to your stainless steelwork

gold stainless steel letteringGold stainless steel lettering is a new addition to our line up of lettering work.

Gold stainless steel lettering is cut from special sheets of steel which are factory coated to a high gloss finish.

Why use gold stainless steel lettering?

Letters cut from Gold stainless steel look amazing. This product adds that extra touch of class to any sign or display project and complements the standard Silver/ Chrome stainless steel material perfectly.

Anything we can cut out of standard stainless steel can be cut for you out of Gold stainless steel.

Why you might not of heard of gold stainless steel

Gold stainless steel lettering has only been made possible by the arrival of pre-finished sheet stock. Before this, the only way to get a flawless Gold finish on stainless steel was to coat each part once it had been cut and that gets expensive.

Now it is possible to buy gold finish stainless steel in a full sheet. you may not have heard of gold stainless steel before because not many metal companies stock it and many have never heard of it. Gold stainless steel is hard to find and difficult to get your hands on.

We have secured a reliable source for this material so we can now offer you gold as well as Silver stainless steel lettering.

Are other colours of stainless steel available?

Yes. You can have lettering, logos and panels cut from a range of treated, coloured and modified stainless steels:

  • Copper
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Lattice Silver
  • Lattice Gold
  • Bumped Silver
  • Striped Silver satin stripes on chrome.

Where can you find out more about specialist stainless steels which we offer?

Gold stainless steel lettering is priced competitively. We can also offer you a range of other specialist stainless steel finishes.