Illuminated signs and trays

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With last years change to the planning regulations traditional lightbox type signs are less acceptable to the planners.

The days of big sign cases full of illuminated Perspex panels are going. This is not a bad thing it now encourages the use of modern alternatives such as halo lighting and fret cut sign trays.

Big slabs of illuminated Perspex might be acceptable for the local pound shop but the fact is customers and planners now expect a more “crafted” higher class solution to illuminated signage.

illuminated sign trays
Illuminated sign trays

This illuminated sign tray is made from simulated stainless steel fitted with 10mm opal white Perspex lettering. Shared light downlighters have been machined into the bottom of the sign tray.

Illuminated sign trays are easy for you to hold off

All illuminated sign trays made by us are fabricated using sophisticated CNC systems. This gives you a reliable repeatable result which is no more expensive than an old fashioned lightbox style sign.

We have a huge amount of experience in how to make quality illuminated sign trays. Let us do the production whilst you concentrate on the design.

Retrofit illuminated sign trays

This type of illuminated sign tray is designed to cover over an existing lightbox. This lets you keep the lighting inside your box. The sign trays simply replace the existing Perspex display panels. This is a great solution for customers who don’t want to lose their existing sign hardware.

LED illuminated sign trays

LED illumination can be built onto a back tray or we can incorporate the light source onto the rear of the display tray(s). This saves you the cost of a matched back tray and means there is less to fit.

Composite sign trays have the benefit of being pre-coloured and allow you to achieve the most cost-effective sign tray solution.

src=”images/illuminated_sign_tray_example.png” width=”400″ height=”147″ alt=”an example of an illuminated sign tray”>

This picture shows an illuminated sign tray. All the lettering you see is 5mm thick opal white Perspex mounted proud of the sign tray surface. The green home logo is made from 3mm lime green Perspex. This sign is a sealed unit. Illumination comes from white 12v DC LED modules which are mounted on the back of the display panel no bulky back tray is needed.

Fluorescent tube sign trays

Back trays for your illuminated sign tray project can be fitted with high-performance T8 tubes.

All back trays are made from white aluminium composite to our own reinforced design.

illuminated sign tray back panel
Illuminated sign tray back panel

Illuminated sign trays PLUS

  • Coloured rear Perspex lenses
  • Flush mount letters
  • Raised letters
  • Integrated projection signs
  • Corner pieces to link fascia signs round corners
  • Built-up Perspex letters
  • Moulded Perspex letters
  • LED illumination.

Illuminated sign trays made to any specification.