Internally illuminated letters

American style internally illuminated letters

This style of internally illuminated lettering is based on the American trim cap style of built-up/ 3 lettering. Using this system you can create solid-sided, non-illuminated letters with attractive illuminated Perspex faces.

internally illuminated letters
Internally illuminated letters

Internally illuminated lettering component parts

For this type of internally illuminated lettering you need four basic component items:

1. Aluminium composite back letter

This is a simple white aluminium composite, flat cut letter which forms the back panels to your internally illuminated letters. We use a white composite because it helps to reflect light out of the letter casing through the Perspex face.

2. The aluminium sidewall/ return

To build-up the sides of your internally illuminated lettering you need our pre-painted white aluminium sidewalls. These have a 90-degree flange applied across the bottom edge. On the flange side of the sidewall, you have a series of triangular shapes which allow the sidewall to be formed around the letter shape.

3. The Perspex display face

 This is again a simple flat cut letter machined out of whichever colour of Perspex or Plexiglas you wish to use. This letter is the part of your internally illuminated lettering which actually illuminates.

4. The face letter trim

This part of the internally illuminated lettering system is a specially design aluminium extrusion coated with coloured plastic. The extrusion is designed to wrap around the Perspex letter face which in turn allows the display face to be attached to the main letter casing.

A simple but effective internally illuminated lettering system

This internally illuminated lettering system allows you to create attractive lettering and logos from simple components. If you wish to have coloured sidewalls we simply face the standard White lengths with whichever self-adhesive vinyl colour suits your design.

This type of lettering is incredibly popular in America and it is well suited to large letter projects.

Different trim colours are available:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Lemon
  • Green
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Copper

LED lighting can be pre-installed inside the letter casings.

Internally illuminated lettering which is effective and ticks all the right boxes.