LED cabinet lighting

Quick, safe lighting systems for cabinets

If you are currently using fluorescent cabinet lighting systems you are missing out on the convenience and cost advantages which our LED cabinet lights offer:

  • Low cost of purchase
  • Easy integration
  • Maintenance-free
  • No heat build-up
  • Crisp, sharp lighting.

LED cabinet lights are available in the five standard LED diode colours: white, blue, red, green and amber. If you want multi-coloured lighting check out our multicolour LED products.

led cabinet light
LED cabinet light

LED cabinet lighting low cost

We specialise in direct supply of LED light systems. All products are sourced directly from the factory with all the cost benefits this brings to you and us.

In most cases LED cabinet lights are cheaper than their conventional fluorescent equivalents.

LED cabinet lighting easy integration

led cabinet light closeupIf you have limited space inside your cabinets then fluorescent-based lighting can prove difficult or impossible to neatly site inside your cabinet enclosure.

With LED cabinet lights you have a much more compact light source. Typically an LED cabinet light will take up around 30% of the space a conventional fluorescent tube system would occupy.

LED cabinet lights are easy to “build in” and in many cases allow you to make cabinets in a more efficient design.

LED cabinet light maintenance

Fluorescent tubes will fail. Starters will stop working. LED cabinet lights are simple devices which are much more reliable than any conventional light source.

If your cabinet lighting is LED-based you and your customers have no maintenance to carry out.

Low heat cabinet lighting

LED cabinet light products do not produce heat like fluorescent or spotlighting. This allows you to build a safer illuminated cabinet where the risk of fire is greatly reduced.

With LED cabinet lights you can also reduce the amount of venting you need to allow in your cabinet design.

Crisp sharp light

LED cabinet lights use a new generation of super bright LED diodes. These create sharp, crisp illumination which high lights the items displayed within your cabinets.

Don’t forget you can have coloured cabinet lights too.

illuminated led cabinet lights
Illuminated LED cabinet lights

Are you making exterior cabinets or notice cases?

If your cabinets are going outside you can safely use our cabinet light products they are safely sealed to withstand exterior conditions.

This is a standard feature of LED cabinet lighting you buy a single unit which can be used inside or out.

LED cabinet lights, better lighting, lower cost, IP rated as standard.