LED edge lighting

For you edge lighting projects we offer the complete package

LED edge lighting is an incredibly popular and very attractive system. LED edge lighting allows you to create signage and displays which your customers will love.

Typical edge lit sign projects include:

  • Window signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Emergency signs
  • Exhibition panels
  • Point of sale displays
  • High-class interior signs and displays.
led edge lighting
LED edge lighting

With LED edge lighting you can employ the latest technology to create very attractive signage and displays the difference between our price and your retail price allow for healthy profits.

Why are we your best choice?

It is quite simple. We offer you everything from one source. To make edge lighting viable you need to deal with a supplier who:

  1. Understands this lighting systems
  2. Can deliver the lighting part of the product direct
  3. Is capable of producing the engraved edge-lit panels you need.

As you already may have discovered we have a huge range of professional LED products available. Because we actually use the LED’s we sell as part of built or assembled signage and displays we understand how LED’s work and how to get the best out of them.

The LED edge lighting systems in our range are sourced direct from our manufacturing partners, we aren’t buying them from someone else in the UK and adding in costs.

Our extensive CNC services and plastic fabrication capabilities mean we can make your engraved edge-lit panels in house. This saves on costs and also ensures you get the results you want.

The principles of edge lighting

Edge lighting is a pretty simple concept, white or coloured light is shone into the edge of a clear Perspex panel. To create graphics or lettering which shine out from the clear panel we need to engrave your design into the Perspex.

Engraving creates a refraction point on the surface of the Perspex panel. This basically means that the light hits the engraving and is refracted to follow the shapes we have engraved into the Perspex.

led edge light
LED edge light

What designs can you use?

Pretty much any design can be used, simply provide us with your artwork and we can do the rest. You can also add on some extra touches which will extend the appeal of your edge lit project:

  • Shaped or profiled panel edges
  • Polished panel edges
  • Rear backing with coloured Perspex panels
  • Vinyl application, use coloured and frosted vinyl to create interesting effects.

With this type of lighting, the possibilities are endless. We have all the parts and manufacturing processes you need available right now.

A full production service which our competitors cannot match

You have access to all our acrylic services. From precision machining to bending, bonding and forming there is a full selection of manufacturing systems available for you to use.

This type of lighting can be incorporated into almost anything, from shelving to plinths, display panels to point of sale displays there really is nothing we can’t make work for you.

Working with you to make your ideas happen is what we are all about.

Edge lit colours

You can choose from all standard LED colours: white, blue, red, green and amber. We also offer a smart colour changing version. Edge-lit panels can be made from clear or clear green edge (glass effect) Perspex.

Standard sign designs

If you are looking for standardised signage we have a range of stock designs which are compliant with emergency and safety sign legislation.

If you would like to use this product in your premises but struggle to find an affordable supplier you need to contact us.

Price match us

We operate a price matching service. If you think your current or planned supplier is giving you the best deal you can check before you buy.

With price matching you simply forward the quotes you have and we work hard to match or beat them.

With no cost and no obligation, we find our customers like the ability to double-check before they part with any money.

LED edge lighting: you can buy all the parts you need from one supplier. Custom edge-lit panels are also part of our complete service.