LED illuminated built-up letters

A complete, all in one service

If you want to buy LED illuminated built-up letters we are, perhaps, your best choice. Not only do we manufacture the complete range of built-up lettering products we also supply our own comprehensive range of LED lighting systems.

All LED illuminated built-up letters are fitted with high quality LED lighting which is specifically designed for sign and display work. Whether you want halo or rim and return style letters we manufacture exactly what you need.

led illuminated built up letters
LED illuminated built-up letters

These LED illuminated built up letters are built from stainless steel with Opal Perspex faces.

Why use LED illuminated built-up letters

We think that LED illuminated built-up letters offer you and your customers a superior product. If you were looking for neon illuminated built-up lettering now is the time to consider switching to LED’s.

LED illuminated built-up letters give you these benefits:

  • Lower purchase costs
  • Safer low voltages are used
  • For exterior projects, you can have waterproof modules and power supplies
  • LED illumination is a green, environmentally friendly option.
  • You get virtually maintenance-free lettering.
led illuminated built up sign letters
LED illuminated built-up sign letters

With the addition of an in-house spray finishing service, you can now specify this type of built-up lettering in any RAL or Pantone colour. This photo shows you the super results you can expect.

From a practical point of view LED illuminated built-up letters are the best choice

If you have experienced installations which involve the use of neon you already know that neon lighting for built-up lettering is delicate and difficult to work with. One slip during installation or maintenance and you will be paying for replacement neon.

LED illuminated built-up letters are a much more user-friendly solution. Unlike neon LEDs can withstand some pretty rough handling without damage.

LED modules are easier to mount. With our range of different LED systems, you have a range of solutions for intricate or complex letter shapes and styles no expensive neon bending required.

product advantages
Product advantages

Neon installations involve working with high voltage cabling. You have to be very careful at every stage of your wiring. With LED illuminated built-up letters you will be working at a safe 12v DC at this voltage, it’s virtually impossible to receive a life-threatening electrical shock. The low voltages of LEDs also eliminate the problems of arcing and current discharge LEDs just don’t use enough current to cause you problems.

All Neon installations require the installation of a fire “kill” switch which enables the fire service to lock out any neon signage. This is a legal requirement which costs money to implement.

With LED illuminated built-up letters there is no need to install fire switches 12v DC is not sufficient to warrant the use of a lockout device.

Sell green products to your customers

Environmental worries now mean that everyone is looking to do their bit to save the environment and reduce global warming. LED illuminated built-up letters will use a fraction of the power that their neon equivalents will consume this allows you to pitch your LED illuminated built-up letters as good for the environment.

LED modules also have an extreme life cycle measured in tens of thousands of hours. Again this is good for the environment long-lasting light sources mean that fewer replacement parts need to be manufactured.

New solar-powered LED modules are coming into our range of LED products shortly this offer you the prospect of the ultimate range of LED illuminated built-up letters products which collect their own energy during daylight for use at night. This is a closed-loop, carbon-free energy source.

LED illuminated built-up letters are an environmentally friendly solution which is safe and simple to work with.