LED illuminated sign trays

Innovation for your benefit

LED illuminated sign trays are the 21st-century solution to illuminated signs which you simply can’t afford not to use. With the era of cheap energy drawing to a close LED illuminated sign trays let save money.

We are one of the few manufacturing companies offering LED illuminated sign trays as standard.

an led illuminated sign tray example
An LED illuminated sign tray example

If you get us to make an LED illuminated sign tray for you it will become clear why LED illumination inside sign trays and panels is such a great idea. Smaller casing sizes, no back trays and no maintenance make this type of tray sign the perfect, modern choice.

LED illuminated sign trays the benefits

LED illuminated sign trays give you and your customers a range of important benefits.

Running costs

led illuminated sign traysAs energy costs and environmental concerns become ever more important our LED illuminated sign trays allow you to offer customers an energy-saving solution. By their very nature LED modules to use very small amounts of power which saves a considerable amount of money over the life of the sign.

Life span

By offering an LED illuminated sign tray you are giving your customer the advantage of a sign which will outlast conventionally illuminated signs.

No call-outs for you

Replacing fluorescent tubes which have failed is one task most people hate. Every time you remove sign panels you risk damage. It’s always difficult to realign panel joints and it’s almost impossible to charge a realistic amount for maintenance calls. With LED illuminated sign trays there are no tubes to replace. Because LED’s last so long it’s unlikely you will ever have to go back to a LED illuminated sign tray after the initial installation.

No heat build-up

Fluorescent tubes and neon can generate significant heat during operation. LED-based sign trays run much cooler.

silver led illuminated sign tray
Silver LED illuminated sign tray

Easier installation due to less weight

Fluorescent tubes don’t weigh very much but the ballasts needed to run them do. If you have ever had to hump a heavy sign case up the side of a building you will know that it’s not much fun. Because LED illuminated sign trays use a much lighter, compact light source weight is much reduced which makes handling easier and places less stress on the fabric of the building.

Safe low voltages

Unlike a traditional lightbox where there are many live 240v power connections an LED illuminated sign tray is all running at a safe 12v DC. If you wanted to you could even mount the power supply internally so the whole external power source is 12v.

sign trays illuminated with leds
Sign trays illuminated with LEDs

LED illuminated sign trays make sense for everyone

We like LED illuminated sign trays because of the weight saving and ease of transport. You will like LED illuminated sign trays because of their ease of fitting and handling, the elimination of tube replacements means you can cut right back on poorly paid maintenance work. Your customers will like LED illuminated sign trays because of the safe low voltages, the low running costs and the extended life that LED’s bring to lighting.

There are two ways we can build LED illuminated sign trays.

Integrated display panel

This type of LED illuminated sign tray has the LED modules built into the rear of the display panel which means there is no need for a back tray. You can simply mount the sign in the same way you would a non-illuminated tray.


A two-part LED illuminated sign tray consists of a graphic tray which sleeves over a back tray. All LED’s are mounted on the back tray just like fluorescent tubes would be. The back tray is made from aluminium composite to a folded design created and perfected by us.

For your next illuminated sign tray project consider using LED’s.

LED illuminated sign tray fascias, projecting signs and interior displays are all available to you.