LED numbers

Specially design LED number modules

led numbersLED number modules are designed and shaped to allow you to create signage and displays which incorporate LED numbering:

  • Temperature displays
  • Time displays
  • Date displays
  • Price displays

LED numbers are available in the five standard LED diode colours: white, blue, red, green and amber.

How to install LED numbers

led number gridLED number modules are designed to a special shape (see photograph). The shape of the modules allows you to create the basic numeral grid. This basic letter grid consists of seven LED number modules arranged in a number 8 layout as shown in this diagram.

Your LED number grid can be made from any of the coloured LED number modules in our range so you can have a red set of numbers or a blue set of numbers for example.

The LED number layout is made easy by the specially designed shape of the modules, you can simply but the modules together in order to create the 8 shape you need.

Creating the numbers you want

Creating the numbers you want from your basic 8 shape layout simply involves switching the modules on or off to create the numerals you need.

led number illuminatedFor example, you create a number 3 by switching off the two left had vertical LED modules.

This basic idea of switching is simple and reliable and requires no specialist expertise.

LED number controllers

LED number creation is carried out by connecting your grid layouts to one of our intelligent LED controllers. These controllers handle the on/ off switching of individual LED number modules in a simple to use way.

LED numbers allow you to incorporate numerals into any sign or display project.