LED tape lights

LED lights on a self-adhesive strip

LED tape lights have the smallest profiles of any LED product we offer. LED tape lights are also the most conformable LED’s in our line up.

At less than 4mm thick LED tape lights get you into confined spaces with ease.

The LED tape light product is compatible with standard transformers and is easy to mount and connect.

led tape lights
LED tape lights

LED tape light construction

led tape light closeupEach length of LED tape lighting consists of a thin, ultra conformable copper strip. LED diodes are mounted directly to the copper with a power tail cable fitted to either end.

The copper strip which comprises a length of LED tape lighting can be cut into small section via trim points which are marked at regular intervals.

To fit tape lights to a specific shape or length you can simply cut at the relevant point easy and fast.

LED tape lights which mount in seconds

The copper strip/ diode assembly comes pre-fitted with high-quality double-sided tape.

To mount the tape sections simply peel off the carrier tape and stick into place using the pre-installed tape it’s that easy.

LED tape lights are perfect for:

  • Lighting round columns
  • Lighting over irregular mounting surfaces
  • Locations with limited access or clearance
  • In places where other LED options are just too big to fit
  • Where clearance between the backing panel and display faces are tight.

LED tape lights are amazingly conformable being so thin they will hug even intricate shapes.

Waterproof LED tape lights

waterproof led tape lightThe standard LED tape light format is for a non-waterproof interior application. If you want to use LED tape lighting in exterior locations a clear gel-coated version is available.

The gel coating reduces some of the flexibility of the tape light but it still provides a slim light source which comes complete with sealed push-fit pin connectors for simple, waterproof connection.

Tape lights are available in these colours:

led tape light colours
LED tape light colours

LED tape light, amazingly flexible, amazingly slim.