LED wall washers

Create ambient and mood lighting effects

LED wall washers are designed to illuminate internal and external walls. Built as a compact, rugged unit, each wall washer is designed to utilise a multi-coloured LED light source in order to create a range of lighting effects from one lighting unit:

  • Exterior facade lighting
  • Interior mood lighting
  • Ambient lighting for retail and hospitality venues.

LED-wall washers are affordable, long-lasting products which deliver a practical solution to all kinds of mood and ambient lighting projects.

LED wall washers construction

led wall washersLED-wall washers have high power Luxeon LED diodes built into the rugged aluminium housing. Each housing is complete with a data and power feed. All LED’s are protected behind a clear, toughened screen this gives an easy clean surface in front of the Luxeon diodes.

Integral mounting brackets allow you to mount your LED wall washer unit securely. The fixing brackets also allow you to adjust the angle of the light projected from the washer housing.

Each LED wall washer unit is sealed for exterior use so you can use your LED wall washer in whichever location you choose.

LED wall washers are available in 460, 660 and 960 mm lengths

LED wall washer control

led wall washing controlLED-wall washers use their own special power and data controller. This unit is from our intelligent LED control range and allows you to set and alter the way in which your LED wall washer illuminates:

  • Fixed colours
  • Phasing from colour to colour
  • Fast cycles between colours
  • Mixing colours allows you to mix different diode colours in the RGB range.

LED wall washer dimension data

led wall washer data
LED wall washer data

LED-wall washers can be supplied as complete kits, light assemblies, cabling and controllers.