Lettering templates

We supply you with templates to make life easier

Our lettering templates are vital in allowing you to achieve a level, even alignment of individually cut lettering.

Without a lettering template, it is virtually impossible for you to fit your lettering properly.

Paper lettering template for use with cup and peg locators

These brown paper lettering templates are made from your original drawing file. Plotted out using computerised machinery these paper templates provide you with an outline of each character. All characters are level and spaced relative to one another.

You take this paper layout template and spread it over a flat surface ideally one with a little give or softness to it. The lettering we supply is fitted with pegs these have a sharp point on the top of them. By positioning each letter over the outlines on the template and pushing down you will create imprints on the paper showing you where the fixings are.

Once you have marked the template in this way you can use it to mount the cups. See cup and peg locators for more information on this fixing system.

Paper lettering templates for rod fixing

These templates are again plotted onto Brown paper using your original file as a base point.

We mark the drilling points onto the template as it is plotted. These marks are defined by us prior to manufacturing the letters.

Self-adhesive templates for items with double-sided tape

For this type of lettering, we supply you with a self-adhesive template. Once adhered and the carrier tape removed this template type leaves you with baseline inserts where the lettering needs to be positioned.

With ALL templates you have a responsibility to check alignments and levels BEFORE you take the irrevocable step of drilling into any surface.

Lettering templates are usually provided as part of our service at no extra cost.