Magnetic stencils

Soft rubber stencils for any ferrous metal surface

Magnetic stencils give you a flexible product which clings to any ferrous metal surface. This type of stencil is widely used by the skip hire industry for fast, cheap marking of metal skips.

Magnetic stencils are self positioning and save time on metal surfaces.

magnetic stencils
Magnetic stencils

Any type of ferrous metal which has a magnetic attraction can be used with this type of stencil.

Precise stencilling

All magnetic stencils are cut via waterjet technology. This delivers clean, crisp cut-outs. Some suppliers try to make magnetic stencils using standard vinyl cutting machinery. The results we give are far, far superior.

Two ways to machine these stencils

PVC stencils can be machined with routers or by waterjet. The production method depends on the size and shape of the design you need. For finer text and small shapes, we use waterjet to cut your stencils.

PVC stencils are available in sizes run up to 3 m x 2 m in size.

Why these stencils are different

There aren’t many suppliers offering a custom stencil service in magnetic material. The machinery needed to make this type of stencil is not readily available and requires specialist knowledge- which we have.

Magnetic stencils are a hybrid product offering the reusability of rigid stencils with the positioning of self-adhesive stencils.

What you can use these stencils for:

  • Skip marking
  • Plant and machinery branding
  • Tank labelling
  • Directional signing
  • Equipment marking.

And many more.